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Me, at my first (and only) photo shoot. It was a fun day, but I did not want to catch that bouquet ;) Once was enough thank-you-very-much! Besides, love has been very kind!

Hi, I’m Susanna Miles, the first “official” KISS Bride and owner of KISSwedding.com.

This site was born in 2007, right when I was in the middle of planning my own wedding. The website grew as my way of figuring out (and then sharing) how to plan a simple, sweet and also cheap wedding.

The concept of KISS began to form in my head one day on a streetcar coming home after work. It was in the early stages of planning and I was feeling a little bit stressed out. I couldn’t understand why the planning seemed so complicated.

The scenario I was experiencing made no sense. Not only was I committed to keeping it simple, I was already an experienced and successful corporate events planner. The responsibility of pulling off large, complex corporate events didn’t make me sweat like this wedding did!

I was nearly home, when I had my “aha moment,” that metaphorical slap-yourself-on-the-head instant, and told myself what I often tell myself “Just KISS! (aka. “Keep It Simple Stupid”).

I decided right there and then that I’d change it to “Keep it Simple & Special” for my wedding, since that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

Besides, I like to KISS, literally and figuratively. Planning a KISS wedding makes it easier to do a lot of both!

Do you like to KISS too?

Are you afraid of the idea of a “wedding”. You know what I mean right – The idea of a wedding being your “princess moment” and a time to fuss over just about everything.

Please don’t mistake my words, I’m not talking about the ceremony or tradition around celebrating your marriage. These things, I love. I value them more than you know!

But, as far as the rest of it…if you’d rather KISS than fuss, then I think you’re safe to join the KISS wedding clan. Welcome!

But, if you want to make sure you’re hanging out with the right clan, does this sound like you?

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  • Do you want to plan your wedding your way? Are you avoiding any pressure to being someone you just aren’t?
  • Are you planning more than a “wedding party”? Are you planning a meaningful celebration?
  • Are you enjoying planning for the details because of what they say about you and the life you have and want to continue living together?
  • Do you want to avoid going into debt, because you think the long road ahead is far more important than a lavish wedding today?
  • Are you living a full life that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of room in it for the extra time and pressure of planning a wedding?
  • Does making things personal seem like the only reasonable way to plan a wedding?

The Obstacles You’ll Face When You Decide to KISS

Part of what inspired me to create this site is the fact that there was a very limited resource of information for brides who want to keep it simple. There is a lot of info for modern/stylish brides, DIY brides, and brides on a budget. In many cases these are still brides who want weddings that are the opposite of simple. Then, there are the super far-out high-cost, high-fashion “who actually does that?” blogs that don’t really speak to the KISS Bride, either.

Every bride wants to feel like the wedding she’s planning is going to be okay, that details will work out and all will be as planned. We have so many questions, and when you’re operating outside the traditional mold, the questions multiply exponentially. This was one of the issues I faced when planning my own KISS wedding. And, frankly, because it was such a whirlwind, I didn’t have the time to figure it all out. If you’re wondering…Yes, I do look back and blush about some of my decisions.

My experiences is why everything on this site is for you – the KISS bride.

The KISS Promise(s)

When I worked as a corporate event coordinator there’s one thing I learned. “Perfect” doesn’t exist in any event. That’s why…

I promise NEVER to say “I’ll help you plan the perfect day.”

“Perfect”. Barf!

Seriously though – It WILL perfect – as long as you marry the person you love. THAT is what will make it a monumentally successful day. That’s what all this about – even though this truth often gets lost in the wedding details.

I promise never to tell you what you MUST (and must NOT) do!

Instead of telling you what you have to do at your wedding, I promise to talk about what’s commonly done and give you down-to-earth suggestions on different ways to do it.

And, I promise to make it as fun and stress-free as possible!

Ok ok… It IS a lot of work and there IS a lot of pressure, even if you’re keeping it simple. BUT, I’ll do my best to share budget-friendly and DIY’able ideas that can be done beautifully and simply.

Now get on with it. Visit the home page, to find out where you should go next.

Happy Planning,


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