Simple Wedding Ideas for the Savvy-at-heart

A Guide to Fun, Fabulous Backyard Wedding Ideas for Small Budgets

Your engagement is behind you and now it’s time to plan your big day. You’re loving the idea of a simple at-home celebration. And now, all you need are the backyard wedding ideas to make your vision a reality.

Here are some of my favorites from all the ideas on the site.

If you’re anything like me (and most of the other brides I come across) there is a lot you want to do. You probably LOVE a lot of the inspiration you’ve come across – including some in the video I just shared. But, you may also be having a tough time committing to them. OR, maybe you just need a few little extras to make your big day truly special!

Almost all of the brides I’ve talked to feel the same way. I know I did!

For example, some decisions were really easy for us (color. red). Others however took a bit more effort (ceremony/reception time. question mark).

What I learned then – and has been reinforced from my work as an event coordinator and writing for this site is this:

  • Having a strong theme makes ALL of your decisions easier!
  • Working with the space you have will save you money
  • If there are constraints, work WITH them. Don’t try to fight them
  • When it comes to backyard celebrations, less is more

They apply to ANY kind of wedding (backyard or other). Make sure to keep them in mind when looking at the additional inspiration below and all of the pages related to them.


Budget Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Accessories

Paper lanterns are one of the best accessories for a cheap at home reception or ceremony. What other accessories and decor items will you use to make your wedding special?

More Accessories

Outdoor and backyard wedding signs

A  backyard wedding sign is certainly very cool, but not exactly a necessity. There are however some fabulous, simple ideas. It’s also a great a great project for the groom!

More Sign Ideas

Ideas for backyard wedding themes

A flower, BBQ and even western theme would all be amazing for a backyard celebration. What kind of theme will help make your vision a reality?

More Backyard Themes
Hot Sauce Favors

BBQ Sauce Favors

If I was planning a casual backyard or at home celebration,  I’d totally get hot sauce favors. You?

More Favor Ideas
Simple Centerpieces

Ideas for simple wedding centerpieces

Simple backyard affairs call for simple decor and centerpieces like this.

More Centerpiece Ideas

Tips for planning a backyard wedding

Most venue’s have onsite coordinators. How are you going to keep things organized?

Backyard Planning Tips
Backyard Menu Ideas

Inspiration for backyard wedding reception menus

What kind of menu is going to make your backyard reception perfect? Casual finger foods, local goodness, or bbq yumminess!

More Menu Ideas
Cheap or Free

Fun, cheap backyard wedding ideas

If you’re having your ceremony at home, using simple flower pots for your aisle decor is a practical, cheap way to decorate.

More Budget Ideas

Ideas for cupcake wedding cake

I think cupcakes have a casual feel that’s perfect for a backyard celebration. Do you think it’ll be right for yours?

More Cupcake Ideas

So, what do you think of these backyard wedding ideas?

Please share your opinion of your favorite backyard wedding ideas on this page. And if you’ve come across anything else that’s super awesome, please dish!


P.S. If you want even more ideas, visit our outdoor wedding ideas page for a portal to all of the outdoor inspiration on the site. There are also these related ideas that might help you.

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