Creative Beach Wedding Ideas for Small Budgets


Do you have idea of exactly the kind of beach wedding ideas that are going to help you bring your big day to life? Or, are you not sure of exactly what you want… other than a wonderful celebration  filled with all the love and happiness you want in your new life as husband and wife?

I really believe with all my heart that your I Do’s are the reason behind your big celebration.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have fun with the details. Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Here are some simple, inspiring ideas to get your started.

Starfsih for ceremony chair decor. Change the ribbon size/color to match your theme.

Beach starfish for ceremony chair decor. From Courtney and BIlly’s wedding in Virigina Beach. Go see it here.

Starfish for Your Beach Decor

Nothing says beach wedding like the starfish. In addition to look absolutely amazing, it’s also versatile and affordable.

This particular idea is especially inspiring. Simply modify the ribbon color or size to fit your theme.

Other great ideas including hanging lanterns from chairs or using them as centerpieces, beach-themed pinwheels, and seashell and sand centerpieces.

Blue and white beach wedding cake with beach chairs for cake topper

A blue and white beach wedding cake from Amanda and Reaney’s celebrations. Go see it here.

A Beach Theme Cake with a Funky Cake Topper

I have seen so many beautiful cakes, but this cake is by far one of the most loved by all of the KISS followers. I think what makes this cake so popular is how they managed to combined quirky, fun, and classic all into one cake design. I have to tell ya, that isn’t an easy task!

Some of my other favorite beach cakes included fake sand at the base, fishnet icing, and fabulous colors that make the tropics look dull!

If you really love these chairs though, you can get very similar designs at Etsy.

Starfish Wine Stopper Favor

I love this favor idea. It’s one of those things that your friends and family will likely use for years and years to come – and isn’t that what we want out of our favors?

This one sells for about $4.50 and you can get it in yellow if you prefer.

Blue Hydrangea bouquet with starfish detail for a beach wedding.

Blue Hydrangea bouquet with starfish detail for a beach wedding. From Sarah and Bruce’s Bahama’s elopement. Go see it here.

A Blue Hydrangea Bouquet with a Starfish Brooch

I’m totally in love with this bouquet. Aside from its simple elegance, I am TOTALLY loving the pretty little starfish motif in the bouquet. It’s perfectly elegant. If you like this idea, there are some really pretty starfish bouquet jewelry at Amazon.

But, to say that this is the best idea for a beach bouquet would be crazy. There are an endless number of ideas to inspire!

Simple white dress for a beach wedding.

Simple white dress for a beach wedding.

Dresses for a Beach Wedding

Let me begin by saying that I’m a big fan of the beach wedding gown look. I like the simple elegance of them. And frankly, I think a lot of these would work for any casual, relaxed wedding.

Some of my favorite looks include simple spaghetti straps, silky and loose hanging fabrics, delicate lace.


Rochelle and Tim’s beach wedding in North Caroline. Go see the whole feature here.

Bright, Beach’y Relaxed Attire for the Groom

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about the fella’s. There are almost as many options for them as there are for us. There are three basic styles casual, semi formal and formal.

A Palm Tree Invitation

A Palm Tree Invitation from Wedding Paper Divas. Go see more of their beach invites.

Beach Theme Invitations

One of the great things about beach weddings is all of the invitation styles available to you. There are some really strong motifs for beach themes (yes, the palm tree is one) but there are also starfish, sea horses, nautical designs, and more.

Because it’s such a popular theme, there are so many different price points for invitation designs.

From a romantic fantasy wedding. Go see it...

From a romantic fantasy wedding. Go see it…

Beach Colors Schemes

When it comes to beach weddings, there’s one obvious (and gorgeous!) color scheme – blue and white. This theme can include about a million different shades and often includes little pops of yellow. Perfect!

I love this example of the unusual shades of blue in combination with turquoise, white and the little bit of yellow in the cake. It’s super simple and works beautifully,

BUT, there are a ton of other color schemes that look amazing for beach weddings. From pink and sandy brown to navy blue and cream almost anything goes!

beach glass or pebbles to inspire beach wedding theme

Look to the treasures of the beach for your theme inspiration.

 Choosing a Theme for Your Beach Wedding

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot. I’ve just left the best till last.

When it comes to picking a theme for your beach wedding you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Look to the horizon for the glorious shades of the sea and sky, look down for beautiful sea glass and pebbles, look underwater for the beautiful colors of sea life, or look to your favorite vacation destination. There is very literally inspiration everywhere!