Ashley and Daniel’s Romantic and Rainy DIY Barn Wedding Bash

Do you think it’s lucky to have rain on your wedding day? It certainly was for Ashley and Daniel, whose joyous vows were heard over the sound of pouring rain that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Love was in the air for these two, who designed the ultimate simple and sophisticated DIY wedding… held in a charming barn on family property. Check it out!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this wedding is that it took only two weeks to plan! You wouldn’t call the results casual, but you may use words like “perfect” and “delightful” and “ohmygosh they’re so in love!” Every touch was all their own, from invitations to flowers and cake. Ashley and Dan sent evites instead of formal invitations through the mail, arrived on a splendid tractor and held their reception in a barn on property their family owns! So, not the traditional sort of wedding but rather, a personal and forward-thinking approach that leaves a bride and groom room to make their own traditions.

Everything about this wedding is warm and woodsy, whether it’s the tableau they created to support their wedding guestbook (flowers and pics), or the freshly painted hand-made signs that directed guests to the ceremony. Ashley’s bridal bouquet looks freshly picked from a dreamy cottage garden and the hydrangeas they chose for decorating tables are in the most romantic shades imaginable.

A word on the cake: there are about a million ways to do cake and Ashley’s really stands out. Why? Because it looks like Grandma spent all day putting it together, and we mean that in the best possible way. It’s a multi-tiered cake that’s set on a beautiful vintage-looking stand. Displaying the cake this way is not just lovely — there’s a real practical aspect to keeping the tiers apart: easy cutting!

One of the interesting things about this affair is that there isn’t a super strong color scheme though blues, yellows, and pinks ruled the day. They worked with the neutral backgrounds (green trees and grass, red barn, brown wood) and added these pretty colors at whim. We do want to give a shout-out to Daniel, whose blue shirt was an impeccable match to the blue in Ashley’s flowers.

It’s a good idea to remember this trick: if your location is a stand-out, work with it and bring out the naturally beautiful highlights with light creative touches. This is the very definition of simplicity and, as we all know, simplicity can lead to savings. Since we love saving, that means saving leads to love.

Photographer:  Tania Sones Photography

Favors and Gifts: Rose’s Berry Farm
Floral Designer: Pentimento Design
Dress Store: Brides To Be
Cake Designer: Angel Cakes
DJ: Burn Records DJ Service
Location: Not Disclosed, Connecticut, United States

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