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Here's your chance to win a $50 Etsy Gift Card! This giveaway is free to enter. The contest starts April 9 at 3pm and ends April 21 at 3pm. Here's what you need to do enter. Mandatory: Include a comment on this post telling me which Etsy product(s) you want to buy with your $50 gift card. [...]

What’s Your Fall Wedding Colors Style?

Are you as hyped as I am right now? If not, hold up your knickers because it is my goal to make you SO excited about your color scheme that you'll be jumping up and down so high that they'll be fallin' off. That's exactly what I feel like doing after putting together these color [...]

Fall Wedding Cake Designs For Autumn Themed Celebrations

Delicate leaves in shades of red and orange, wild fall flowers, seasonal fruit decorations - we’re simply swooning over these new ideas for fall wedding cake designs! If you’re planning a fall wedding, take inspiration from the gorgeous shades of fall and build your fall color scheme around it. And before your heart sinks into [...]

Cheap Wedding Rings: 10 Unique, Timeless and Meaningful Style Ideas for Under $1,000

The search for your cheap wedding rings is SO exciting. Even though it's almost 5 years ago now, I still remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Have you reached that point where the options are starting to mount though? Are you noticing yourself looking at more and more rings that are outside your budget? What [...]

Jenn and Ricky’s Rustic Wedding in The Fall

There are so many things to love about Jenn and Ricky's fall, rustic wedding. One of things that gets my heart racing is the use of hay (yay, hay!). It's one of my favorite decorative accessories for an autumn wedding.  Then of course there are the incredible DIY details. There are so many, I can't [...]

Budget-friendly and Simple Wedding Centerpieces Made with Fresh Flowers

Your wedding table centerpieces need to ooze style; hey, even the job description states that they need to be the ‘center’ of attention! You’re thinking style, you’re thinking elegance, you’re thinking flowers, candles, vases… and now you’re probably thinking, big massive wads of cash down the drain. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! [...]

9 Simple and Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas For Savvy Couples

One of the questions I get a lot is "How can I get unique but cheap wedding reception ideas that are super stylish and personal without creating too much extra work (and stress) for myself?" To make finding those ideas easier, I've include some really great budget-friendly ideas on this page. Follow the links to [...]

Halley and Dusty’s Crafty Country Wedding

When I first saw this whimsical lime green, orange and country wedding I was literally giddy with excitement. There are SO many adorable little details. I couldn't wait to ask Halley about every single one of them - and I did. Being the wonderful person she is, she answered them all - from the supplies [...]

Wedding Reception Games: 10 Sexy, Silly Activities That Will Get Everyone Laughing

So, it’s your wedding day and you’re thinking about how you can make the day even more memorable for you and your guests. Hmm … how can you have fun at your wedding and give you guests a great time too? Bring on some wedding reception games that are seriously laugh-worthy, silly and even a [...]

Katy and Derek’s Simple and Classic Summer Wedding

Katy and Derek had my kind of  summer wedding. It was simple and classic, but still filled with all kinds of pretty, special details. One of the things I really like about Katy is the fact that she knew exactly where she wanted to splurge (bouquets and centerpieces) and created some fabulous DIY projects (like [...]

The Minted Dream Wedding Giveaway

Now here's a contest you don't want to miss! Minted just started promoting their Dream Wedding Giveaway contest. Head on over to their site to sign up for a chance to win a $7,600 price package! A Minted Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite. Two 18K white gold wedding rings from Brilliant Earth. Three bridesmaids dresses from [...]

Welcome to the Night Owl Giveaway Event

  Hosted by Budget Earth & A Spectacled Owl Sponsored by Night Owl Paper Goods You guys are going to LOVE this giveaway! Night Owl Paper Goods is a retailed of fun, unique cards for just about any holiday. They're wedding cards however are extra cool - they're made on wood. Seriously - wood! Cool [...]

Lauren and Ben’s Fun and Fabulous Whimsical DIY Wedding

First, let me just say I love Lauren. I also love everything about her fun and summery turquoise and orange wedding. It's fabulous!  We only corresponded over 1 or 2 emails but you can immediately sense her creative, kind spirit. If you're looking for inspiration to help plan a simple, colorful, and summery DIY wedding [...]

The Most Popular Wedding Colors and Trend Setting Combinations for a Modern Wedding

Looking for some popular wedding colors to inspire your theme? If so this page shares some fabulous combinations based on the most popular tints, tones and shades. It also tells you how using some of the more popular colors can save you money and stress. One of the hardest parts about picking a color is... [...]

Serina and Sam’s Charming DIY Island Wedding

This adorable couple with their even more lovable DIY wedding is a huge inspiration to everyone who wants to KISS.  When I saw this wedding, it had all of the elements I'd want in my own - a great venue, super laid back, insanely personal and (omg!) SO special! Serina and Sam prove that it [...]

Victoria & Eric’s Vintage Flair Theatre Wedding

When I first saw Victoria and Eric's wedding one word came to mind: "Cooooool" While a little bit traditional in some ways, Victoria and Eric opted to have their special day at a movie theater- totally un-wedding right! In addition to picking a really unusual venue they alos made pretty much everything else really unique and [...]

Budget-friendly Accessories for Backyard Weddings

If you're looking for backyard wedding ideas you're living in the world of the idyllic. Picture it now: pretty tents, flickering fairy lights, paper lanterns, sweet flower centerpieces, and happy brides and grooms canoodling under a beautiful blue sky. Regardless of whether your a small budget or not, you're probably going to want to find some [...]

Fun and Fabulous Backyard Wedding Ideas for Small Budgets

Your engagement is behind you and now it’s time to plan your big day. You’re loving the idea of a simple at-home celebration. And now, all you need are the backyard wedding ideas to make your vision a reality. Here are some of my favorites from all the ideas on the site. If you’re anything [...]

Jordan and Jackson’s Vineyard-themed Rustic Wedding

This is one of those weddings that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Not only is Jordan, the bride, a genuinely nice person (our correspondence was lovely!) she is also a natural at KISS'ing. Let me tell you more about her KISS genius.... She planned an absolutely gorgeous 175 person wedding for $10,000 - this [...]

Which one of these snowflake wedding invitations fit your budget-savvy style?

Picture it now - your snowflake wedding invitations start arriving in the mail. One of your friends, a good one, notices it in her pile of mail from the mailbox. She grabs it, drops everything else and runs into the kitchen to find a knife open it. She tears it open and quickly pulls out [...]

Simple, Stylish Fall Wedding Themes: Pictures and Ideas For Fall Theme Weddings

So you’ve set the date - it’s to be a fall themed wedding. Cue piles of pricey bridal magazines, fancy planners, and inspiration boards galore. Cue your checkbook quivering with fear and diving under the table to hide. Right? Wrong. Read on for more.... First up, you need to pick the perfect fall themed wedding [...]

20 of the Most Popular Looks for Wedding Invitation Ideas … and Affordable Designs that Compliment Them

Do you know exactly what kinds of wedding invitation ideas will help you convey to your friends and family the kind of celebration they can expect? Or are you still looking at invitations to give you the inspiration you need to settle on a theme or style for your big day? Most of us decide to [...]

My Favorite Looks for Budget-friendly Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter wedding invitation designs can evoke the lightness and the snowflake or the richness in a smooth and deep red wine. Silver, light blue and white themes are great for ice princess, snowflake or winter wonderland themes. Invitations with red, black and deep purple are great for themes like fireside romance, wine cellar or winter [...]

Simple Ideas for Pulling off a Cherry Blossom Wedding Theme on a Budget

For the romantic and classic bride, a Cherry blossom wedding theme is a great idea for spring weddings - whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, backyard wedding, formal or informal celebration. The thing about the cherry blossom flower is that they're actually a little bit pricey though. They can also be a little bit [...]

Creative Ideas for Affordable Winter Wedding Favors

Perfect winter wedding favor ideas are easy to come by - there are just so many great ideas online so you're bound to come across the "it's perfect" favor for you! Wonderful favors will evoke a cozy and warm feeling and guests will appreciate anything from candles, to chocolate or coffee. Here are some ideas. [...]

Wedding Speeches and Toasts – A Cheap Way to Make Your Reception Uniquely ‘You’ and Special

Like petals on a favorite flower, precious moments are what make weddings special. Among the most meaningful memories are your wedding toasts and speeches. Perfect words are as critical to the reception as vows are to the ceremony. For the newly betrothed, their parents and wedding party, a charming, heartwarming toast costs absolutely nothing and [...]

Simple Wedding Theme Ideas with For Small Budget Celebrations

Good wedding theme ideas are those that are unique while also being a good representation of you and your partner. If they're still easy enough to pull off and make truly beautiful then it's the perfect KISS wedding idea around! One of the great things about spring weddings is the spectacular variety of flowers available [...]

Simple Wedding Theme Ideas for Small Budget Celebrations

Good wedding theme ideas are those that are unique while also being a good representation of you and your partner. If they're still easy enough to pull off and make truly beautiful then it's the perfect KISS wedding idea around! One of the great things about spring weddings is the spectacular variety of flowers available [...]

The Most Common Wedding Reception Traditions And How To Make Them Uniquely You

Wedding reception traditions are as important to the guests as they are to the bride and groom. So if you're anything like I was and decide to skip some of them make sure you're prepared for the wrath of the traditionalists. Some of them will not take it well! When I started to write this [...]

Simple and Budget-friendly Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Looking for some creative and affordable wedding reception decorations? Decorating for wedding receptions is a lot of fun but it also can be really overwhelming. And this is where I hope to help. This page shares some great photos of wedding reception decor ideas - from centerpieces to tent decor and even the little extras, [...]

The 10 Most Classy and Fun Wedding Reception Activities

It’s you your big day and you are ready to have a great time. After the main ceremony, you want to enjoy the rest of your day and have some fun! Who said getting married had to be a hard thing? Here are 10 classy and fun wedding reception activities that are sure to blow your socks off! Oh [...]

Wedding Favor Luggage Tags

If you love to travel or are  having a beach theme or destination wedding luggage tag favors are an inspired, fun idea! Plus, they're just plain ole practical. Who couldn't use a cool looking luggage tag? I don't know about you, but I have never bothered spending the money to buy myself one, and I [...]

Top 5 Eco-friendly Confetti and Bubble Options for Weddings

Personalized wedding confetti is always a lovely (and affordable) touch for any wedding theme, regardless of season or theme. With the right packaging your confetti experience can go from playful to traditional. The below options are stylish alternatives to the traditional seeds and rice so you don't have to worry about harming the birds or [...]

Some of My Favorite Color Combos For The Real Weddings We’ve Featured

As far as wedding colors and ideas go, 2012 is going to be an interesting year. Colors don't really change that much from year to year, but there is a difference in how those wedding color ideas are used. There's also a difference between which colors are combined with what, along with which ones rule [...]

Inspiration and Tips for Creating a Gorgeous, Budget-friendly Wedding Candy Buffet

The wedding candy buffet is becoming one of the biggest trends in weddings. And for those of us who are all about keeping it simple and saving it's a trend after our own hearts. This page will share some great looks (including alternative ones) for your candy buffet. I'll also tell you where you can [...]

Cheap and Chic Wine Stopper and Bottle Opener Wedding Favors

Wine stoppers and bottle opener wedding favors are one of my favorite practical and budget friendly gifts. Searching for them is loads of fun, but it's also really time consuming. And after the 20th one, it might even be little confusing! After 7 years in the industry I know which looks are timeless and have [...]

Inspiration for Beautiful Summer Wedding Themes

Fresh, happy and more romantic than St. Valentine himself, these summer wedding themes will tug at those heartstrings. Channel the spirit of nature with a butterfly theme. Or go for full-on romance with roses. And by all means, do NOT limit yourself by location. You don’t have to live by the sea to do a beach [...]

Budget-friendly Ideas for Spring Wedding Invitations

  The look of spring wedding invitations can be playful and fun or sweet and romantic. Inspiring motifs can range from pretty little birds to colorful spring-time flowers like poppies. They can even rely soley on color combined with a traditional motif like damask. This page highlights some of my favorite invites for couples on [...]

My Favorite Snowflake Favors for Winter Weddings on a Budget

For all you brides planning wonderful winter weddings… here are my top picks for snowflake wedding favors. The snowflakes evokes the magical feeling of winter in a play yet romantic way. They make us think of softly falling snow and fire-lit nights and most importantly… romance. Now, for the piece d’resistance… the snowflake wine stopper! This [...]

5 Super Cool and Budget-friendly Spring Wedding Favors

There is so much about spring that's totally, absolutely, unequivocally amazing! In my opinion the biggest is the symbolic meaning behind it - new life, new beginnings, etc. Then of course there's the warmer weather, which (for me) is a really big deal since I live in Toronto, Canada. With the season we see the [...]

Spring Wedding Ideas and Tips for Using the Best Inspiration for a KISS-style Celebration

Many of the spring wedding ideas on this page are some of favorite ideas of all time. It's really not surprising since it's my favorite season of all. It's glorious here in Canada - if you can, it's really worth it to experience a winter up here or the Northern States and then the transformation [...]

5 of My Favorite Summer Wedding Ideas for Savvy, Budget Brides

Do you know exactly what kind of summer wedding ideas are going to help you make your big day everything you want it to be? Or, are you still trying to figure which special details will help you create a really special celebration filled with all the love and happiness you want to fill your [...]

Simple Handmade Wedding Favors

Simple handmade wedding favors for romance makes a great gift for your guests. What makes these simple favors even more special is the fact that they are edible and/or usable. What makes that so great? Well, that's simple... gifts that can be used and savored are the most appreciated in today's eco-conscious world. Besides, who [...]

Marie and Martin’s Earthy, Rustic Wedding

Married in a studio on an island off of Sweden, Marie and Martin made the most of their rustic, earthy and artistic environment and let the beauty of nature surround them. Warning: these un-wedding images will take your breath away. Take a look at Marie's dress and you'll see hints of everything you need to know [...]

Modern And Cheap Palm Tree Wedding Invitations for a Budget Wedding

When planning our weddings and setting our budgets, we all have different priorities. You might be willing to spend $500+ on your palm tree wedding invitations. Or maybe anything more than $150 makes you sick to your stomach. While searching for palm tree inspired designs you'll be thrilled to find that there are a lot [...]

Budget-friendly Ideas for Simple, Classic Wedding Table Centerpieces

There are easily thousands (if not millions) of wedding table centerpiece ideas. This page is meant to help you find the perfect look for your simple, small budget celebration - regardless of whether you're DIY'ing or working with a designer! One of the things that surprised me when I was planning my low-budget reception was [...]

Ideas and Tips for Buying and Personalizing your Maple Syrup Wedding Favors

Maple syrup wedding favors are a versatile favor for weddings of all seasons and themes. Not only is winter THE season for brewing maple syrup but there is something particularly comforting about it as the days get shorter and cooler. But it still works for spring and summer weddings as well. For instance, in Montreal, [...]

Our Favorite Wedding Cupcake Towers and Stands, and the Average Price of Each Style

Your wedding cupcake tower or stands are all about creating a fabulous display that'll make your fabulous cupcakes look as great as they taste. It's also there to give them the grand appearance that you can get with a "real" wedding cake. With so many options out there you're bound to get a little confused [...]

Gallery of Cupcake Wedding Cake Design Ideas for Small Budget Celebrations

Cup cake wedding cakes are perfect for casual, small, and unique outdoor weddings or for anyone who wants to do away with the fuss of a traditional cake. This page offers a lot of really great cupcake wedding cake ideas in all kinds of styles, sizes and colors. As you'll see, there are easily hundreds [...]