Simple, Cheap Wedding Ideas Help You Save on Some of Your Most Costly Wedding Expenses

You’ve decided that you want a lovely, but simple, low-cost wedding. And now, you’re looking for the inexpensive wedding ideas that will make your big day every bit as pretty and special as you want – while at the same time saving you TONS of money!

One of the things I learned when planning our own simple, low-budget wedding is that “cheap” wedding ideas are abundant online. And they aren’t always the good kind of cheap!

After experiencing it myself and learning SO much as the publisher of this site, I have some good news share – there are a lot of simple ideas that can end up saving you tons of money on YOUR big day!

Following are some of my FAVORITE cheap wedding planning ideas and tips for the most costly items you’ll probably buy for your wedding.


Your rings stay with your whole lives. If you’re going to save, save smart!

Saving on Your Wedding Rings

The thing about your rings is that you wear them your whole lives. You have to love them! So, that leaves you with a dilemna. Or does it? While it’s true that there’s no getting a $10,000 ring for $100, there ARE ways you can get one for 10%, 20, and sometimes as much as 40% off! Plus, knowing just a few things about ring can help you shop smarter.  After my own shopping experience and now writing about weddings for years I have learned a few simple things that can help:

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  • Keep it simple and you’re bound to save
  • Pay attention to your gems and metals (look beyond gold!)
  • There is value in buying sets
  • To save simple, buy online!

These simple ideas can save you hundreds or even thousands on your wedding rings – regardless of the style your choose.

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  • Would you like more tips on budget-friendly styles, gems, and where to buy online? Click here!

You CAN find that idyllic “this is it” moment no matter what your wedding dress budget happens to be.

Save on Your Dress

You want that “O’m’gawd moment” right? I know I did! While most of the fairytale wedding fantasies didn’t hold true for me, my dress…well, my dress needed to be perfect!

Even though I had a small budget (around $500), I just could not live with a poor quality dress that made me feel anything less than royal.

After speaking with a million different wedding vendors over the years (and getting my own dress for 1/4 the price) I have learned a lot about how to save on this very expensive purchase.

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  • Why a great style for your body type will make an inexpensive dress look like a million bucks
  • How to get sample sale prices ANY TIME
  • Where to find FABULOUS dresses online
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The style of your invitations tell your friends what kind of wedding experience they can expect.

Save on Your Invitations

The decision to make our DIY invitations was probably the biggest mistake we made. It was stressful and time-consuming AND it didn’t save us any money.

My own experience and now writing about weddings for years has taught me a few simple things about the smart way to look at saving on your invitations. These include:

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  • Where to get the best invitations for less
  • When it makes sense to DIY and when it doesn’t
  • How to make the most out of a DIY kit without going insane!
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Food and beverages are a couple of the things that people look forward too. Planning for affordable menu requires just a little creativity.

Save on Your Menu and Beverages

We had a fabulous menu for our wedding! The lovely tomatoe scewers in this image is one of the lovely h’ors d’oevres we offered.

While I wouldn’t change a single item on my menu, I’ve learned a few things while publishing this site:

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  • Stand up H’ors D’oevres are better served at evening weddings
  • If you want h’ors d’oevers, serve them as the more trendy Tapas service
  • H’ors D’oevres aren’t the only way to save on your wedding menu
  • You can offer free alcohol, even if your budget is super small.
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The decorations set the mood for your day. Saving on them in a must. Doing so on a budget is easier than you think!

Save on Your Reception Decor

Here’s one area that can cause a lot of stress for couples and here are some tips that can help you create something beautiful for less than you’d expect.

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  • The importance of your venue in saving on your decor
  • Some DIY projects just aren’t worth it
  • The types of elements that make for cheap, gorgeous decor
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My Experience of Planning a Cheap Wedding

I learned a lot about “cheap” wedding ideas while planning my own wedding. There’s a lot of what I know now, that I wish I knew then. Like….

  • a lot of ideas that look cheap and inexpensive, are far from it;
  • a lot of the ideas that are meant to help you save, won’t save you a penny
  • some of those budget-busting ideas cause undue stress… without saving you any money at all!

I fell into a lot of those traps myself. My biggest mistakes were DIY’ing invitations. They were pretty. But, it was a total stress-inducer and didn’t end up costing us any less money. They can save you a lot of money, but in our situation, they didn’t (don’t worry, I’ll share the reason and solutions with you).

My biggest saving successes were my wedding dress ($600 vs $2,500); our DIY centerpieces (about $15 each); and our rings ($400 for both).


Hopefully these tips will help you get the kind of cheap wedding ideas that will make your big day everything you want it it to be.


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