Cheap Wedding Rings: 10 Unique, Timeless and Meaningful Style Ideas for Under $1,000

The search for your cheap wedding rings is SO exciting. Even though it’s almost 5 years ago now, I still remember that feeling like it was yesterday.

10 unique and timeless cheap wedding rings for under $1,000
Have you reached that point where the options are starting to mount though? Are you noticing yourself looking at more and more rings that are outside your budget?

What I’ve learned since then is that when it comes to finding cheap wedding bands a big part of keeping it simple and sticking to your budget is knowing what to look for and where.

I also realized that your rings are really symbolic. It really meant something when Adrian (husband) slipped mine on my finger.

This made me realize that beyond the symbolism of eternity the style, metals and gems you pick represent who you are as people and what’s important to you in your marriage and life.

Considering this takes care of the “special” in planning a KISS wedding. I know for certain that the style of ring that we choose made that moment even more profound for us.

What some of these amazing, cheap wedding rings mean….

Do you already have a style in mind? If so, take a look at the examples below and see which ones compliment it. If you’re pretty much open to anything – great! You’re in luck. You have all the options in the world.

Another unique, timeless cheap wedding ring - a 1 karat black diamond: for the badass bride.

Black diamonds are still super unusual, but still share the symbolism of the more common white diamond – strength, power. I really do love this particular style. It’s also a totally badass version of the goodie-two-shoes Tiffany ring.

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 Another unique, timeless cheap wedding ring - a 14 karat yellow gold ring. For couples who like simplicity, with a twist.

This is a simple wedding band, with a twist. This design is based on the concept of the mobius strip, a mathematical concept where there is no distinction between the beginning or the end. Basically, everything just flows into eachother for eternity

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Another unique, timeless cheap wedding ring - a 14 karat rose gold Claddagh Knot wedding band. For couples who like celtic myth.

The Claddagh ring is one of the more popular Irish wedding bands which symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty. Aside from the unique rose gold look I love that this particular band also combines celtic knots – a symbol of mind, body and spirit.

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Another unique, timeless cheap wedding ring - a 5 carat emerald-cut london blue topaz ring. For brides who like a unique sort of simplicity.

Everyone gets a princess cut diamond ring – you’re not everyone though are you! :) I LOVE the topaz. Being blue, this particular gem is a symbol of calm and peace. Holistically, it is thought to provide comfort and safety.

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A unique, timeless cheap wedding ring - a simple, affordable tungsten wedding band.

Want something a little more rock’n’roll? I dig this black tungsten and sterling silver band. Aside from being really cool-looking tungsten is another affordable metal that happens to be extremely strong and resistant to dents or scratches.

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A unique, timeless and cheap wedding ring - a simple round pearl on a silver band.

Holistically, the pearl is considered to be very nurturing. It is thought to absorb negative energies and to relieve stress and related illnesses (i.e. headaches, tiredness).

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A unique, timeless and cheap wedding ring - a sterling silver and black onyx renaissance band. Wholly rock'n roll!

The band is made with silver and onyx. If you love historical pieces one way to save, even if you’re getting a chunkier band is to use silver and a more affordable gem like onyx.

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A unique, timeless and cheap wedding ring - a 1/4 carat diamond paisley wedding band with a lovely vintage feel

Aside from just being a really cool-looking ring, a paisley wedding band also symbolizes a time of harvest (for the hindu’s) and balance (for the east). The tiny 1/4 diamonds look impressive, but make a style like this a lot more affordable.

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A unique, timeless and cheap wedding ring - a 14K white gold band. A look that'll go with everything!

If you absolutely must have a white gold (and can’t wait till gold prices go down), a small and more simple band is one way to make it very affordable. It’s also timeless and will match anything you wear.

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A unique, timeless and cheap wedding ring - a black titanium concave wedding band for a rock'n'roll man.

Titanium is one of those less expensive metals that is incredibly durable. They make look cheap rings look like a million bucks, and the guys really love this look.

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What does your ring style say about you and the lives you plan to live?

One of the things that surprised me was how profound the exchanging of our rings was for me. I’m not even sure if it hit me at the time, but feeling my ring on my finger every day makes me feel connected to Adrian and the kind of life we choose to live.

I was so close to getting a few extra diamonds on my ring … it’s so easy getting lured into all things wedding. I’m so glad I didn’t though. That style so isn’t me or representative of the lives we choose to live.

So… here’s a little tip from me to you: When you pick your rings, make sure you consider both the style and the symbolism behind the shape, metal and gem. Don’t get caught up in what’s expected or even common for a wedding ring. Get what you LOVE!


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