Ideas for Unique Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate wedding favors are the perfect way to thank your guests. Not only does almost everyone love chocolate you can find really great options regardless of price range. And there are endless options for flavors and packaging. You can probably even find some fabulous chocolatiers near you.

But, if you want to save some time and money it makes sense to get your chocolate truffle goodies online. AND, if you want some really cool packaging for your chocolate wedding favors, there’s some of that too!

Great Chocolate Truffles For Your Wedding Favors

You can decide to purchase your chocolate at a local store, you can make your own – in which case I think you deserve a prize. You don’t even have to give everyone the same chocolate… you can buy in bulk and distribute accordingle. It makes it so much more fun!

Packaging For Your Chocolate Wedding Favors

If you decide to purchase your chocolate at a local store OR you’ve decided to make your own these boxes will make them look as great as they taste.  The cost you’ll see on the site is based on sets of approx. 10. That means, most of these sell for about 70 cents each. Just remember that any Have fun with this part. When choosing your ribbons, box style, and labels be creative. Sure it can match your theme to the tee. But, you can also be creative. Include a meaningful saying on your favor labels or TIP: Make sure you get these in advance so you can make sure they fit in the box properly.