Simple Wedding Ideas for the Savvy-at-heart

3 Affordable, Versatile and Creative Wedding Ideas on a Budget from Beau-coup

Over the years, I’ve come across hundreds (maybe thousands) of creative wedding ideas. What I decided to do for you today is to show you some affordable products that are easy to buy

To help you, I’ve put together a few really simple (and inexpensive) ideas. They include a some really unique products as well as some very simple products used very creatively. I would love to know what you think of these!

Creativity In Glass


A creative display using glass jars from Beau Coup

Beau Coup created this wonderfully innovative idea to promote their glass vases. I just think it’s so creative and versatile enough to use with just about any vase.

Take this creative and simple idea and make it work for your theme by filling l it with cranberries, lime, lemons, oranges, pomegrantes, pine cones rocks or whatever matches with your theme! I love that they’ve taken something as simple as a clear vase, fruits, and candles and created such an affordable and unique idea with it.

You can also turn this vase around and fill it with sand, rocks, seashells and a lone candle for a really pretty beach display.

A Creative Way To Make Memories


This Wishing Well from from Beau Coup is a unique take on the traditional guest book.

These unique wishing well books from Beau Coup offer a creative twist on the same old same old guest books. These come with elegant cards that guests use to write their personal message. This creative solution makes it easy for your guests to share more than what they normally would. They also come in a variety of colors which will help you make it work with your theme.

A Creative Item For Decor or Cupcake Favors


A glass dome jar from Beau Coup for favor presentation and ecor.

I just love this! They are rather expensive (about $30 for a set of 2), so you want to use them for accents. Here are some ideas I have for how to use these to create a great decorative elements or a GORGEOUS display for favors.

  1. Buy a set of 2 and present your favors in these so that your guests know what’s in their favor bags or boxes. It would make any favor look fabulous and would make the favor table a bit more decorative.
  2. Use them as centerpieces on all of your guest tables. With the inclusion of a stunning flower, you could have a centerpiece for $20-$25. That’s quite affordable.
  3. If you have a long table, you can alternate these with either more expensive or less expensive table displays. Personally, I think they’d look beautiful alternated with a simple candle centerpiece.
  4. Use them as decor on the head table. You can alternate these with the vases holding your bouquets.

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