Ideas for Affordable Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Looking for a way to wow your guests at your fabulous fall themed wedding? You need fall wedding centerpieces with style and color and va-va-voom. You want your guests’ eyes to pop, jaws to drop, and hearts to beat faster.

Well, if serving George Clooney on a plate is not an option – ladies, don’t get distracted now, you’re getting married, for heaven’s sake! – then the next best option is to create some truly go-o-o-orgeous fall themed centerpieces.

There are loads of options for stunning table arrangements that make the most of the flowers, fruit and colors of fall – you just need to find a fabulous way of throwing them all together. And no, we’re not talking mega-bucks glamour here.

You can get that out-of-the-pages-of-a-magazine look without the heading-to-the-poorhouse feeling. In fact, below are some of my favorite ideas from the KISS Weddings featured on the site along with a few others I’ve come across online.

Flora and Fauna of the Season


Okay, so maybe flowers are not the MOST original idea for fall wedding centerpieces, but there’s no denying they look just stunning. Make the most of the beautiful blooms of the season – asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias and daisies. You can give the traditional arrangement an interesting twist by adding sunflowers, beech leaves and grapes. Or, going with a floating flower centerpiece!

It’s all about mixing and matching textures, colors and shapes. Plus if you work with local flowers that are in season, you’ll end up paying a lot less than what you’d have to shell out for more exotic blooms.

Candle Creations For Fall


We love candles because they can be bought cheaply in bulk and are great for creating atmosphere at any venue. Indoor or outdoor, candlelight sets the mood – a sensuous, cozy ambience – and as a bonus it makes us all look ten years younger and softer ;).

Something as simple as an arrangement of several candles in different sizes can be the perfect fall wedding centerpieces. Add a few leaves, some pretty ribbon or elements from the outdoors for ALOT of extra style (for cheap!).

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Pumpkin-Inspired Fall Wedding Centerpieces


We just love the idea of fruit and veggie-inspired fall wedding centerpieces. They’re quirky, economical, and can be a real talking point among your guests. Plus you can put them together yourself with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of patience.

Hollow out small pumpkins and fill with bright daisies or mums in toning shades of orange and yellow, or sprays of berries and leaves. If you opt for larger pumpkins, try carving pretty shapes into them and illuminating from within. The look you’re going for is less jack-o-lantern spooky and more rustic elegance. You could also use gourds in the same way, or stuffed with chunky candles.

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Include Nuts In Your Autumn Centerpiece


Mix candles or flowers with seasonal nuts for a splash of color and magazine-perfect stylishness! Or fix the candles into place inside glass vases and fill with acorns, corn, or leaves… All gorgeous, affordable and simple homemade fall wedding centerpieces.