What’s Your Fall Wedding Colors Style?

Are you as hyped as I am right now? If not, hold up your knickers because it is my goal to make you SO excited about your color scheme that you’ll be jumping up and down so high that they’ll be fallin’ off.

That’s exactly what I feel like doing after putting together these color schemes. I’m in love with every single one. Take a look… let me know which one you love so much you’re at risk of losing your knickers over ‘em.

Are You a Traditionalist Who Is Also a Free Spirit?

Orange, Red, Turquoise and Yellow for Fall Colors

Orange, Red, Turquoise and Yellow for Fall Colors

If you love this color scheme, your a classic free spirit with a bit of a rebellious streak.

You love that classic look for fall (reds, oranges, and yellows) but the inclusion of the bright turquoise makes you a bit of a free spirit.

Are You Fun-loving and Playful


If you’re living these fall wedding colors scheme then you’re a bride/broom with a playful spirit.

The bright orange, pink and green with a hint of soft white is a gorgeous look if you want a fall-look that’s a bit more refreshing and fun.

Does The Look of Romantic Elegance Make You Swoon?


Lovin’ this look? If so, you’re an elegant romantic.

The gorgeous pinks, mauves and purples have a definite romantic look while still being really elegant and appropriate for fall wedding colors.

Do You Love the Rustic Look


If you’re diggin’ this look then your gently, nature-loving spirit is shining through.

All of the earthy shades of brown, yellow, and green are super gentle, soothing and almost comforting.

Are You Bold, Dramatic, and Energizing


If you’re like me and LOVE this look too, then you’re into bold, dramtic ideas for fall wedding colors.

The electric blue with fresh, bright orange is super lively and a little bit of a unique look for fall.

You’re Eclectic and Spiritied

Yellow color schemes: Kelly and Andy's vibrant yellow, purple and red scheme

From Kelly & Andy’s Radiant Yellow Wedding. Go see it here.

These fall wedding colors make up a wonderful, unique scheme.

What makes it eclectic is the fact that the combination colors works fabulously together but is a bit surprising (in a good way of course). It’s a little intoxicating don’t ya think?!

You Love Classic Looks and Are Warm and Friendly


Do you find these fall wedding colors a little comforting? If so, you love classic looks that have a warm, friendly vibe.

I fI can relate to this look. Like you, I’m friendly and people have told me it’s easy to warm up to me. What I LOVE about this look however is that it includes a little bit of pop with bright pink and green. It’s gives a bit more of a fun, fresh feeling.

Check out more color ideas based your favorite styles

Now that you know what you’re favorite color styles are, check out even more ideas below.


Yellow and Silver

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Red and Black

[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]
Subtle’n Sultry

Soft Whites and Purple

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Lemon and Lime

[/one_fourth_last] [one_third]

Soft whites and purples

[/one_third] [one_third]
Rustic & Vintage
Peach, Pink and Brown

Peach, Pink and Brown

[/one_third] [one_third_last]
Blue and Orange

Blue, Orange and Yellow

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So, what do you think of these fall wedding colors?

Please tell us which ones are your fave in the comment area below.