Simple Wedding Ideas for the Savvy-at-heart

Fall Wedding Ideas: Highlights of the Season for Budget Brides

Are you absolutely certain about the kind of fall wedding ideas that will help you bring your big day to life? Or, are you still deciding on the details that will help you create the kind of celebration you want. Is the only thing you’re sure about the fact that you want a wonderful party filled with loads of fun, love and romance… The very feelings you want to fill your lives?

To get started, check out some of the latest fall weddings featured on the site. They are LOADED with inspiration. There’s one thing for sure, these  couples sure know how to KISS! You are SO going to connect with them!

Latest Fall Features

I know, you know, everyone knows it… Your vows are THE reason for all this hooplah BUT, that doesn’t mean that you’re prepared, and excited about getting into the details that make it…. well, make it a “wedding”. It is these very things that make your big day unique and “you“.

When we got married my dress, the drinks and the music played a big role. So did the time I spent making our gorgeous centerpieces with my good friend.

What kind of autumn inspired wedding ideas to YOU need to make your big day a reality?

Here are some simple, inspiring and affordable ideas to get your started. Enjoy!

Poked-hole Pumpkin Centerpiece

Poked-hole Pumpkin Centerpiece

A Pumpkin Centerpiece

Here is the see the glorious pumpkin in all of its fabulous fall beauty.

It might not be the fastest DIY project, but it’s certainly more do-able than some other, more ornate floral centerpieces.

A couple of things to note about this centerpiece. First, it creates ambiance when the lights are dimmed. Second, the silk leaves that it sits on ensures that it looks great in the day or night. And third, the additional tea light candles surrounding it somehow make it seem more grounded and complete on the table.

A Fall Calla Lily Bouquet

A Fall Calla Lily Bouquet

A Bouquet for Fall

If you’re anything like I was, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s quite difficult getting a bouquet in the $100. After visiting two stores, I totally gave up and ended up with a lovely $125 bouquet of  12 whit lilies. If I were to to do it again, I’d get exactly the same bouquet!

BUT, when I saw this bouquet I was wowed. Isn’t it so pretty! There are only about 6 lilies in there, but the addition of the green berries makes it seem so much more full. It’s a great idea if you’re on a budget!

DIY Apple Placecards

DIY Apple Place cards

Apple Place Cards

Well gee, isn’t this an awesome (and cheap) idea for fall!

To make this happen all you need are some apples (either red or green), some thick paper (probably construction paper) that matches your theme, and a market (if you want to be really cool, get something glittery). Oh, and some shapes, which you’ll be happy to know you can get for free right her… CLICK for free shapes to help you make these.

Orange, Red, Turquoise and Yellow for Fall Colors

Orange, Red, Turquoise and Yellow for Fall Colors

The Glorious Colors of Autumn, Kicked Up a Notch

Va-vooooom or what right!

I ADORE this color scheme. Well, to be honest I fall in love with at least one color scheme a week.

BUT, no matter what, this is always one of my favorites. I just love the contrast of the deep reds and oranges with the soft butter yellow and bright turquoise. It creates an absolutely astonishing combination!

A fall theme bottle stopper

A fall theme bottle stopper from Beau-coup. Go see it here.

A Fall Themed Bottle Stopper for Your Favors

Not sure what to get your guests as a thank you? Bottle stoppers are always a hit, so, if you’re getting married in the fall why not get a leaf-themed bottle stopper.

I think it’s pretty classy. And, I know I’d be pulling it out every single thanksgiving dinner. Or, any dinner for that matter. It doesn’t scream fall like (say?) a rooster so it could be used all year long.

Floating Gerberas for a centerpiece

Floating Gerberas for a centerpiece

A Simple Floating Flower Centerpiece

If you’re on a budget, a floating flower centerpiece is an excellent cost-saver. In addition to being really affordable, it’s incredible easy to DIY. T

You could get 24 vases like this for $115 (at Koyal Wholesale) – that’s under $5 per vase!  Combined with the gerberas (which are sturdy enough to float in water all day) and a mirror to sit below the centerpiece (like this one) you can have a centerpiece for $20-$25 each.

A simple hay boutionniere

A simple hay boutionniere for fall

A Simple Hay Boutonniere

If you’re looking for a fabulous, fall inspired boutonniere for the fellas, I absolutely adore the idea of these!

One of the other great things about these is that they could be made a few days (maybe even as much as a week) before you wedding. If you’re DIY’ing this will take a lot of pressure off of you the day or two before you big day.

A chocolate cake with fall flowers

A chocolate cake with fall flowers

A Simple Cake for Autumn

If haven’t known anyone close to you who has gotten married and have started the cake search, you’ve probably been blown away by the cost. I know I was! Finding a fabulous, cheap cake is no is easy task.

This cake is the perfect example of keeping the costs low while still having a lovely cake on display.

A invitation with a fall leaf motif

A invitation with a fall leaf motif. Go see this invitation now.

Fall Leaf Invites

If you truly want a fall-themed wedding, then an invitation with fall leaves is one my favorite motifs. These invitations are particularly pretty. I find that they feel really delicate and romantic. AND, the back of the invitations is so cool too (the leaf motif is scattered all across).

The price is also really reasonable. You can get 50 for about $150. It’s not quite as inexpensive as DIY kit but is very reasonable for a ready-made wedding invitation.

Silk leaves for decor

Silk leaves for decor

Silk Leaves for Decor

We’ve already talked about Pumpkins and Apples. Let’s talk about leaves.  I bet you thought I forgot.

How could I! Leaves are one of the things that make fall the magical season that it is. Using silk leaves any where you can is a great way to give your wedding a truly fall vibe without spending a lot of money.



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