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Simple, Stylish Fall Wedding Themes: Pictures and Ideas For Fall Theme Weddings

So you’ve set the date – it’s to be a fall themed wedding. Cue piles of pricey bridal magazines, fancy planners, and inspiration boards galore. Cue your checkbook quivering with fear and diving under the table to hide. Right? Wrong. Read on for more….

First up, you need to pick the perfect fall themed wedding – You can then build the décor, flowers, cake and bridal party outfits around it. So what kind of affordable autumn wedding ideas work brilliantly for a fall wedding?

Orange, Red, Turquoise and Yellow for Fall Colors

Orange, Red, Turquoise and Yellow for Fall Colors

Colors for Fall Wedding Themes

Forget the pastels of spring and wishy-washy whites of winter weddings – fall wedding themes should be a festival of rich, vibrant shades, from gold and mustard to burnt orange, deep red, maroon and even chocolate.

It’s a drool-worthy palette, and you can always combine with classic ivory if you don’t fancy an over-bright look. You can also bring in unusual shades like grape or mint green to put a twist on an already unique color scheme. The sky is the limit and the mission is to mesmerise every guest with your style!

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Pumpkin Place Card

Pumpkin Place Card

Pumpkins and Gourds for a Wedding Theme

If you’re a bride who embraces the unusual and decries the done-before, you might want to consider vegetable-inspired fall wedding themes like Pumpkin-themed weddings.

Seasonal fruit or vegetables make the cutest decorations, and they’re economical too! Build centerpieces around your chosen food item, and have miniature replicas made to decorate the cake, add to the bouquet, or use for table cards.

You could even have yummy pumpkin spread or cookies baked in that shape (e.g. mini pumpkins) and prettily wrapped for an economical fall wedding favor.

Halloween-inspired Cake Topper

Halloween-inspired Cake Topper

Halloween for a Fall Themed Wedding

Who can forget that fall is Halloween time, and what a rich source for inspiration this event is! If you’re looking for fall wedding themes that are quirky and fun, a little tongue-in-cheek and a lot extraordinary, make your big day a Halloween wedding.

You could dress your bridal party in black with orange accessories like belts or ties, decorate with spooky but sweet cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns, and even turn the reception into a haunted costume ball!

If you like the idea but aren’t keen on full-on Halloween horrors, or your maids are quaking at the thought of wearing orange, take the theme down a notch and rework the colors.

Purple and orange is playfully chic while deep blue and black make an interesting color scheme for a halloween themed wedding in fall, and the whole effect is more gothic/sophisticated (think Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, rather than Scooby Dooby Doo). Result: unusual AND stylish!

Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers for Theme Inspiration

The garden is blooming marvellous in fall – a riot of asters and chrysanthemums and big gerbera daisies.

If you use fall flowers as the basis for your fall theme wedding, you can achieve a beautiful wedding without the debt.

Centerpieces, bouquets, cake decorations and so on – you can save thousand of dollars by going with pretty, affordable fall flowers for a wedding rather than sticking to more conventional choices like roses or lilies.

A wheat boutionerre

A wheat boutionerre

Wheat-inspired Fall Wedding Themes

Fall is a time of harvest, and the whole concept of something natural and organic, growing and goodness, is great for fall wedding themes. Your color scheme will be classic and warm – the yellow gold of wheat, against a backdrop of ivory, deep gold and earthy brown.

It would ideal if the venue was somewhere rustic… in the countryside, an old barn or similar.

Wheat is relatively inexpensive, so you can create dramatic large arrangements using long ears of wheat to fill the venue, and make unusual centerpieces with bunches of wheat tied with raffia. The look is home-grown and fall-fabulous!

Fall leaves for themes and decor

Fall leaves for themes and decor

Use Acorns and/or Leaves to Create Your Autumn Theme

When you think of a fall themed wedding, the first thing that springs to mind is usually fallen leaves.

Leaves and acorns are the perfect symbol of the season, and can be used throughout your wedding scheme. Your fall wedding color scheme should reflect the shades of fallen leaves – deep reds, oranges, yellows and browns.

Fake silk leaves are fairly reasonable, and if you go with natural acorns, they make an even cheaper decor option for fall wedding themes.

Decorate the aisle, tabletops, bouquets, the cake and even wedding favors with these all-natural fall theme favorites. You can even have your invitations printed with leaf motifs for your fall themed wedding.

Table setting for a fall wedding

Table setting for a fall wedding

Fall Harvest for an AutumnWedding Theme

Loving the ideas so far? If you’re one of those who likes to have it all – don’t deny it! – you can incorporate most of the ideas above into a harvest theme.

Perfect for a eco-friendly couple, a harvest-inspired fall themed wedding is all about the abundance of nature, so you can go all-out decorating with berries, leaves, pumpkins, squashes, apples, corn and gourds.

Add in lots of fall flowers and you’ve got yourself a full-on feast o’ plenty! The colors for a harvest fall theme wedding are rich and vibrant, and the accessories are all natural, so you can focus on local produce which doesn’t cost the earth (pun intended!) and make the most of a simple rustic setting.

red apple placecards

Red Apples for Your Theme

The Sweet And Versatile Apple


Apples are one of those elements that are inexpensive and simple for DIY projects. Placecards are probably one of the most simple ways to use them, but you can also use them in bouquets, for centerpieces, and in general reception decor.

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