Seasonal Inspiration Using Vegetabls and Fruit for Wedding Centerpieces and Decor

Designing fruit wedding centerpieces and decor is a smart way to save, keep things simple, and create something totally unique. If you’re DIY’ing it’s an especially savvy move!

Any fruit from rich red cranberries to the iconic fall pumpkin can be used.

The below ideas are meant for people who want cool looks that won’t cost a fortune and can be done simply if DIY’ing.

Spring and Summer Fruit Centperieces And Decor


A simple pile of oranges in a basket can look amazing. What makes the example above so special is the unique pot filled with moss. It gives it a more rustic, romantic look.

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  • Be creative about the bowl or vase used. This can make all the difference

Lemons and Limes

Either whole or sliced they can be used in so many different ways. They can be placed in bowls on their own or added to a variety centerpiece designs for additional style.

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  • Consider floating limes (or any other fruit) if you’re making a centerpiece in a clear vase. It’s an inexpensive extra touch, can save you money on flowers, and adds to the overall effect of your design.
  • Consider placing bowls of whole lemons/limes around your venue for additional (and affordable) decor.
  • Use whole or dice lemons/limes to hide stems in a glass vases
  • Go beyond centerpieces and table decor – decorate your cake with them!
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Fall Fruit and Veggie Centerpieces And Decor

Pumpkins & Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds are SO incredible versatile.

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  • Use mini pumpkins or gourds for placecards
  • Replace vases with carved out pumpkins
  • Make a simple pumpkin centerpiece with candles and unique carvings


Apples are pretty awesome too!

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  • Use apples for placecards
  • Use them to hide stems
  • Create mountains of apples for a complete fruit wedding centerpiece

Winter Fruit Wedding Centerpieces And Decor


Cranberries are one of my favorite fruit elements for decor. I love the color and simplicity of them.

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  • Combine floating candles and cranberries in a vase with water
  • Place cranberries in a large vase with a single candle
  • For long tables, get a rectangular plate and fill it with cranberries and candles.


Pears can be used in your centerpieces and decor, the same way apples are.

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  • Use them as placecard holders
  • Place them a large, clear vase and wrap it with ribbon and a decorative table number
  • Use them in a vase to hide stems