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Affordable Inspiration for a Garden Weddings

 Are you absolutely certain about the kind of ideas you need to make your garden wedding everything you want it to be? Or, are you still search for the perfect details to help you create the kind of celebration you want. Is the only thing you’re sure about right now the fact that your big day to include loads of love, happiness and romance… the very feelings you want to fill your new lives as husband and wife?

To get started, check out some of the latest garden weddings featured on the site. They are LOADED with inspiration. There’s one thing for sure, these  couples sure know how to KISS!

I know, you know, everyone knows it… Your vows are THE reason for all this hooplah BUT, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t excited about getting into the details that make it…. well, make it a “wedding”. It is these very things that make your big day unique and “you“.

When we got married it was super important for Adrian to entertain our friends and family with live music. He’s a musician so he was so hyped about playing for people who have never had a chance to hear him. For me, my dress was SO important, as was the time I spent creating beautiful DIY projects like our centerpieces, invites, and favors. What’s important to you?

Check out the ideas below to find the kind of affordable garden wedding ideas that will make your big fay come to life.

Flower themes for garden weddings

Flower themes for garden weddings

Flower Themes For Garden Weddings

The most of obvious of themes for a garden wedding involves flowers – flower, flowers and more flowers! Which flower, however is the question!

Here are some flowers that make great inspiration for a garden-theme wedding.

Rose petal toss for a garden wedding

Rose petal toss

Rose Petals For Your Toss And Ceremony Decor

Not only are rose petals very affordable, they’re also perfectly suited to outdoor and garden weddings.  Plus, there are a lot of different ways you can use them to decorate your garden wedding.

  • Have your flower girl sprinkle your aisle with them
  • Have them line both sides of your aisle
  • Sprinkle your aisle with them a little bit BEFORE your flower girl does + include smaller, simpler decor on chairs
  • Have your guests toss them at the end of the ceremony
Tea tins from beau coup

Tea tins from Beau-Coup for garden wedding favors

Tea Favors For an Afternoon Brunch or Tea Party Garden Theme

If you’re having tea, brunch or afternoon garden wedding Tea makes a fabulous favor.

You can prepared tea favors or get some really pretty tea tins and fill it with whatever type of tea you desire.

Teas that work well cold are a great idea for garden celebrations during the warmer months:

Here are some teas that are most popular (and yummy)for an iced tea:

  • Cranberry and Apple Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • Ceylon

Flower Seed (or Flower Bulb) Favors

Flower seeds are another really simple (and affordable) favor for a garden-themed wedding. There are a lot of really fabulous prepared seed favors you can buy. If you want to make something a little more personal there are some really great ideas

  • Fill a clear envelope with flower seeds and finish it off with a ribbon
  • Provide your guests with another favor, but make the hangtag a plantable card
  • Place bulbs in a small square box filled with hay, fake moss or grass. Use raffia as the ribbon for the box.
Simple white centerpiece for a garden wedding

Simple white centerpiece

Simple Flower Centerpieces

Simple, fresh flower centerpieces are a no-brainer if you’re planning a garden wedding on a budget.

  • One or two flowers in a vase
  • Make a pretty potted plant your centerpiece
  • Use mason jars for vases
  • Create a floating flower centerpiece
  • Combine flowers with candles

So, what do you think of these ideas for garden weddings?

Please share your opinion of the garden wedding ideas on this page. And if you’ve come across anything else that’s super awesome, please share.

susannaxo :)

P.S. If you want even more ideas, visit our outdoor wedding ideas page for a portal to all of the outdoor wedding inspiration on the site.

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