Tips for Finding Inexpensive Wedding Dresses Online

Most brides today are looking to save a few bucks on their wedding. And if you’re like most, you’re thinking of great ways to cut costs on the flowers, the cake or the reception. And, since you’re here, you’re also trying to find out how to get inexpensive wedding dresses that are totally fabulous and budget-friendly, but not  “cheap” (if you catch my drift).

Saving on your gown is an awesome way to save a bundle on your wedding – if you know where to look…and one of the best place to look is online!

These days you can find several local and Chines companies selling beautiful-looking dresses online. Many of them can make great looking and low cost dresses from scratch using your specific measurements.

Before we go any further, let’s talk a bit about bridal gown manufactures and retailers in China

Are you a little bit leery about getting a dress from China?

Did you know that many of those high end bridal boutiques purchase their gowns from some of those same Chinese factories and then sell them to you…. with a hefty price tag?

Why not cut out the greedy middle man and go directly to those same wholesalers yourself? The question is, how do you find those top notch factories that sell high end inexpensive wedding dresses?

While there are many reputable Chinese factories out there who want your business, not all of them can be trusted to give you an incredible looking  and quality gown. Sadly enough, you must first do a little research before choosing a company or you’ll end up getting burned with empty promises resulting in a shoddy looking dress that you paid too much for. Or worse, doesn’t arrive for your wedding.

Following are some tips for how to navigate your way through web-based wedding dress retailers here and abroad.

Ask Lots Of Questions

The first thing you should do is ASK as many questions as you can or feel you need to. If the company has nothing to hide, they will respond to all your queries right away.

If they do not respond quickly, or avoid your questions, this is exactly how they will be working with you when they are making your dress. This can be quite frustrating (and nerve-wracking!) especially if you have important questions that never get answered.

Look at Real Wedding Dress Photos

Ask to see real dress photos. Many companies will display dresses online that they can make for you but these dresses are not the actual gowns they have made. Ask to see real inexpensive wedding dresses they have made in order to get an idea of their quality.

Shop With Realistic Companies

Most companies will make a dress for you from a photo. It is literally impossible for anyone to make a dress from only a photo and have it looking 100% identical to the real gown.

If the company says they can make it EXACTLY the same as the photo, beware! A good company will be honest with you and let you know that the dress will look 90-95% the same.

Buying inexpensive wedding gowns online is a great way to save money on your wedding. For more detailed information and recommendations on how to find incredible and fabulous yet inexpensive wedding gowns online, please visit Affordable Bridal Gowns for some more exclusive insider tips!

Shop With Realistic Expectations

If you’re getting a knock-off of a Vera Wang gown, don’t expect the same quality- there’s a reason it’s less expensive. Usually they use different fabrics, beads, and even threads.

Look At The Right Kind Of Dresses

The quality of the fabric will affect how the dress falls on you. It also affects the overall look (and feeling) of the dress. Trust me when I say I a cheap chiffon does not compare at all with a quality chiffon. I suggest looking at dresses that don’t have a lot of beading and aren’t made beautiful partly because of the way they flow or cling to the body.

Know What Looks Good On You

I usually recommend shopping for wedding dresses in the offline world before buying your gown online. This will help you determine which styles look best on your body type.

I believe this is especially important if you’re getting inexpensive wedding dresses.

Where To Shop Online

Knowing what I know today, here are two places I can recommend with absolute confidence if you’re buying your inexpensive wedding dresses online.


Knowing what I know now, this is probably where I’d get myself a casual dress. I’d probably get a bridesmaid dress in a light color like silver or soft white. I’d definitely get my maids to check out their bridesmaid dresses too![/one_half] [one_half_last]

If I was getting married again and wanted a slightly fancier dress this is probably where I’d shop for my gown. One of the benefits is that they do have some retail locations. There’s even one about a 10 minute drive from my house.[/one_half_last]