Inspiring Martha Stewart Wedding Centerpieces for Affordable Decor

martha-stewart-wedding-centerpieces-topWhen the diva of entertaining and her fab crew come up with an idea, we all watch in fascination. It’s no different with Martha Stewart wedding centerpieces.

In recent years we have seen the rise of outrageously priced centerpieces. Let’s get real here – is this really where you want a huge chunk of your budget to go?

Do you really need your centerpieces to be humungous and extravagent? Ya ya, we do want them to look lovely and to create a nice mood. Here’s the thing though, simple centerpieces can look just as good (and IMO better) at a fraction of the cost.

The great thing about Martha Stewart’s wedding team is that most of her designs (even the pricey ones) can inspire us budget brides. I truly believe that even those high cost designs share invaluable ideas for DIY’ers and those of us on a budget.

Following are my all time favorites for those of who like the simple Martha-look, want to be able DIY or save with your designer, and need a bit of wiggle room to express yourself creatively.

How These Can Help You When Searching For Your Perfect Centerpiece Idea?

Before ending this article, I want to share some important takeaways from the lovely inspiration above.

Floating Flowers Are Insanely Easy To DIY

Utterly simple and yet always beautiful, floating floral centerpieces are easily created at home and can be adapted to suit any color scheme or theme. For a more sophisticated wedding, use glass bowls and accessorize with candles and glass marbles; for a more rustic outdoor event, opt for hand-picked blooms and earthen vessels, in keeping with the overall theme.

Centerpiece/Favor Combos Makes Higher Quality More Affordable

Grouping together several small vases filled with flowers can achieve an effect as glamorous as a large professionally-arranged piece. It’s so simple to do, you might even let your fiancé in on the action!

Potted Plants Are Awesome!

A potted plant could very well be one of my favorite Martha Stewart wedding centerpiece ideas. It looks fresh and pretty but is less pricey than a traditional floral arrangement. Plus potted plants have a far longer life and can be cherished as a memory of your special day for years.

Be Creative About Your Vases and Pots

A lot of what makes these Martha Stewart wedding centerpieces so special is the unusual and creative pots.

Don’t Be Afraid of Second Hand Stores and Variety

If you can’t afford to go out and buy brand new tea-cups, vases, etc.

Variety Is King

If you’re planning a simple wedding different plants, pots, and vases is a perfect fit. Just make sure you pick them to fit your venue.