Budget-friendly Nautical Wedding Decorations and Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Drop Anchor

Need some jaw-dropping nautical wedding decorations for your wedding? Boy oh boy do I ever have some fun ideas for you. Read on for some simple decorating ideas that’ll make your wedding look fabulous!

In most cases, when it comes to wedding decorations “less is more”. The same holds true for nautical-themed wedding decor. In addition to color there are a few motifs/themes that work amazingly for nautical weddings – lanterns, boats, fish anchors, and my personal favorite COLOR. Check out some examples below.

White hanging lantern with yellow and blue nautical themed ribbonsDecorate Your Ceremony Chairs With Lanterns And Ribbons

This isn’t something that’s top of mind for nautical weddings, but lanterns are perfect! Tied to your ceremony chairs with ribbon in themed colors is a simple (and inexpensive) way to decorate.

Alternative: The ribbon doesn’t have to be blue and yellow. If you prefer you can go with red and white.

Saving tip: Reuse the lanterns tied to your ceremony chairs on your reception tables. Combined with other nautical elements (i.e. boat placecards, table netting, shells) your table decor will look great.

nautical-wedding-decorations-colorNautical Colored Flowers and DIY Table Numbers

Who’d a thunk – sunflowers = nautical. When you see it in this photo, with the entire table it totally makes sense though doesn’t it.

The bride in this particular wedding stuck with yellow (an on-theme color) for her flowers and combined it with a DIY table number pictures mounted on a blue background. Then, she included on-theme ribbons on her menus and favors.

Super simple but totally cute right!

Alternatives: If you’re not into Sunflowers, you can go with any combination of flowers including blue, yellow and/or red. Try to keep it simple though. Roses for example, might not work for nautical wedding decorations.

Saving Tip: If you can’t afford to pay someone to do your centerpieces, go with a glass bowl, fill it with rocks, sea glass, a starfish, and/or seashells along with one or two flower flowers.  The sunflower is a great option for this because they are quite sturdy.

nautical-wedding-decorations-archLife Preserver Arch

You know how quirky guest photos are all the rage at weddings these days? If you’re planning for a nautical theme and you love that idea, this arch is going to make you grin from ear to ear!

You can get this at Shindigz and costs about $159.

Saving Tip: If you sell it on Craigslist or Kijiji after your wedding, the price is totally worth it.

If you’re lucky, maybe you can find one on Kijiji or Craigslist. That would be even better. Especially if you can resell it afterwards!

nautical-wedding-decorations-boatcandlesAdorn Your Table Settings with Boat Themed Candles

It doesn’t get more nautical than boats. Lucky for you there are lots of super cute placecard holders and tea light candles in this motif. Here’s one of my favorites!

You can combine these with any number of theme-based table decorations.

You can buy these at Beau-coup. They cost about $2.50 each. If you have a round table, you’ll probably need about 5-10 per table. If you have long tables, these would look really pretty alternated with another centerpiece.

Saving Tip: If this is expensive for your budget, go for a really simple centerpiece – combination of floating flowers, rocks, and seashells would work well.

nautical-wedding-decorations-pinwheelscolorDecorate With DIY Themed Pinwheels

Apart from color (blue, white yellow) and pattern (stripes) there isn’t much about this that screams “nautical wedding decorations”. With that said, the color and pattern make them feel very much so.

Besides, aren’t they just the coolest ever!

If you like these ideas and want them to appear even more nautical just pick different patterns for your paper, ribbon, etc.

To learn how to make these, visit the tutorial page at Oncewed.com

nautical-wedding-decorations-ceremonySeashells and Ribbons Ceremony Chair Decorations

Switch the green in this decoration to white or yellow and it’s absolutely perfect for nautical themed decorations.

Saving tip: Alternate rows like they have in this image. Personally, I think it looks better. But, the savings are equally important!

You can get ribbon pretty much anywhere. Starfish however is a little trickier. Check out my  starfish and seashells store on Amazon. You can find them there.

nautical-wedding-decorations-napkinMake Your Favors Decor

This goes to show you that pretty much anything can add to your nautical wedding decorations.

this couple combined a kitchen towel with a homemade music CD but it could be pretty much anything. The cute little ribbon is a lovely finishing touch!

Fishnet For Table Accessories

Combined with other elements, this is a really pretty, yet simple addition to your tables. If you’re serving fish for dinner it is even more fitting.

It would be best suited to decor for the head table, treats table or favors table. If it was in every single table, it might look to busy.

The average cost for something like this is around $5.