Budget-friendly Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Decorations

In fact, your ONLY challenge in finding the right outdoor wedding decorations will be choosing between all of the great options that you have! The below ideas will help you by showing you the latest, the greatest and the most affordable ideas that won’t bust your budget!

outdoor-wedding-decorations-parasolsUse Wedding Parasols For Your Ceremony Decor

While many of use don’t think of using parasols for decor, they actually make AMAZING decor for ceremonies.

Regardless of whether you use to to line your aisles, replace flowers at the foot of your chairs, decorate tents with them, or use them as practical eye-candy it is very unique decorative element.

AND, my favorite thing about it is how affordable and versatile it is. Regardless or your theme or budget there is going to be a parasol style that will work for you!


outdoor-wedding-decorations--archesA Natural Look For Wedding Arches.

Decorate  arches make a great addition to outdoor wedding decorations.

While it’s not an absolute must if you have a small budget, it can be done for small amount of money.

Tulle is a popular choice for wedding arches and is fairly inexpensive and easy to use. But anything from tree branches, fruit, or leaves can be used to maximum effect.


outdoor-wedding-decorations-paperlanternsDecorate Your Ceremony and Reception With Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns for weddings are another one of those things you’ll have to think alot about when planning your outdoor wedding.

With about a million colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from the number of options available to you is nearly limitless.

You’ll mostly definitely use your paper lanterns to create beautiful ambiance in the evening. But, they can also double as daytime decor. Tie them around hand rails, hang them from trees, or create streamers of parasols. All simple, pretty ideas for outdoor wedding decorations.


outdoor-wedding-decorations-earthycenterpiecesDecorate Tables With Earthy Elements

When looking for ideas for your outdoor table centerpiece ideas consider the surroundings. Including outdoor elements like moss, tree bark, grass or branches is a lovely way to honor nature on your big day.


outdoor-wedding-decorations-tentsBe Creative With Your Tent Decorations

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, wedding tent decorations are going to be pretty important to you.

One of the most important things to consider is lighting – from flickering fairy lights, to chandeliers and paper lanterns the mood can be downright magical.

But, as far as tent decor is concerned you should also think about some of the other basics as they too set the mood. Table settings, centerpieces, and seating also play a major roll.


outdoor-wedding-decorations--luminieresLine up walk ways with Monogram Paper Luminaries

Paper bags filled with sand and tealights – called Paper Luminieres – are also a fabulous option for simple’n cheap outdoor wedding decorations. And, this works wonderfully for backyard weddings as well!

You can get these from beau-coup. A package of 48 cost about $115.


outdoor-wedding-decorations--tealightsTea Lights Work Any Time Of Day

While wedding candle centerpieces are a bit tricky for outdoor weddings (with the wind and all) people have done some pretty creative things with decorative tealights and wedding candle holders.

The wrought iron hanger in this photo is a bit fancy, but people will often place tealights in simple mason jars.



Decorate Tables With Potted Plants

This is one of those ideas that seems to only work for outdoor weddings. This arrangement is quite fancy, but if you want a budget-friendly simple centerpiece  similar to those, you easily steel this idea.

All you need to do is get plants from a garden (on sale from spring to fall) and find some inexpensive pots at any store. You could even get them second-hand.


Yellow and white rose petals for ceremony aisle

Rose Petals For Your Ceremony And Reception Tables

Rose petal decorations are one of those really inexpensive ideas that very simply (and affordably) add style to ceremony aisles.