A Guide to Our Favorite Budget-friendly, Fun, and Fabulous Outdoor Wedding Ideas

I really believe that our iconic I Do’s and the traditions behind them are what matter most to all of us. BUT, that doesn’t mean that we don’t get excited about all of the details that make our wedding… well, a wedding. I know I did (and continue to every time I write for the site).

And when you’re looking for outdoor wedding ideas you are lucky to have so many wonderful little details to enjoy and plan for.  Following are some of our favorite ideas to inspire your perfect big day.


Square paper lanterns. Go see these at Luna Bazaar.

Use Paper Lanterns for Decor

I’ve seen paper lanterns work for indoor weddings (especially at barn-style venues), but when it comes to outdoor weddings, ideas for decor seem to multiply. They can be used at the foot of ceremonies, hanging from trees, from reception cents, and ceremony chair aisles.

They’re incredibly versatile and very affordable. Depending on the size and shape you get they range any where from from $0.85 to $10 per lantern.


example of using rose petals for decor at #ceremony

Get more ideas for decorating with rose petals

Rose Petals for Ceremony Aisles

Rose petals make for really pretty decor at an outdoor ceremony.  It’s also very affordable AND eco-friendly.

Depending on your budget, you can sprinkle them sparingly or they can line both sides of your aisle. If your budget is really tight, the look of rose petals makes it possible to avoid any further decor at your ceremony.

Tip: If there’ s any chance of wind, it will be difficult to ensure that rose petals line the aisle perfectly. They’d still look pretty casually sprinkled.


Personalized water bottles for outdoor and backyard wedding ideas

Personalized water bottles. For personalized water bottle labels check out My Wedding Labels

Fancy Water Bottles

If you’re getting married in the hot summer sun, having lots of water and other non-alcoholic beverages to keep your guests hydrated and happy.

For a little over $200, you can get about 250 water bottle labels.  This is TOTALLY a luxury purchase – seriously, regular water will do fine!

But, if your budget allows for the additional expense, it does tie a theme together very nicely.


Olive Oil for Favors

There are so many different favors you can get for your friends and family. One that I really love for outdoor weddings is Olive oil.


Wedding Parasols

Wedding Parasols. Shop for Parasols.

Use Parasols for Decor and Sun Coverage

What a lot of people do is put these at the head of the ceremony aisle for guests to grab as they take their seats. It looks really pretty (especially in photos) and is also really practical.

Other people have even used theme to line the sides of their ceremony aisle.


A Fairy Light Invitations

I totally love this invitation for outdoor weddings. Since you’ll mostly likely have a tent along with some flickering lights this design would totally work – especially if you’re having a more relaxed wedding.


A Simple Centerpiece/Table Number Combo

When it comes to outdoor wedding ideas, you can be pretty simple with the decor. All of the pretty surroundings make it unnecessary to put a lot of effort into this.

This particular example is based on place cards, but I think you could get away with making these your table numbers if you have a) a really casual wedding planned or b) a really pretty outdoor location.


So, what do you think of these outdoor wedding ideas?

Please share your opinion of your favorite of the outdoor wedding ideas on this page. And if you’ve come across anything else that’s super awesome, please dish!


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