The Most Popular Wedding Colors and Trend Setting Combinations for a Modern Wedding

Looking for some popular wedding colors to inspire your theme? If so this page shares some fabulous combinations based on the most popular tints, tones and shades. It also tells you how using some of the more popular colors can save you money and stress.

One of the hardest parts about picking a color is… well, picking a color. The potential shades, tints, tones combinations are endless. Look at the color blue for instance – there is navy blue, baby blue, sky blue, turquoise, teal, tiffany, azure, indigo, etc etc etc. How do you decide on which one is best?

When we were looking for our color theme, it was SO hard. We were inspired by a piece of Japanese paper. What I found after making that decision is that it wasn’t easy finding accessories and supplies that fit with them.

To make things easier for yourself take a look at invitations, favors, packaging and bridesmaid dresses that work with your venue, the season, and also the mood you want to have. Not only will this inspire you, but if you know you can get your accessories in the color(s) you want this will save you a lot of work down the road. It can even save you money.

You’ll also find that the popular wedding colors have a lot more choices as well. This makes it a lot easier to find things in the style that you want.

Following are some of the most popular colors and some of the most amazing combinations I’ve seen people create with them. Enjoy!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Yellow

For the past couple of years yellow has been one of the most popular wedding colors. You can go with a soft buttery yellow or an intense hue as bright sun. Depending on the combination you go with, the mood can be fresh and lively to romantic or country chic.


Yellow and silver/charcoal grey: one fo the most popular wedding colors

From Ashley & Jarrett’s Silver & Yellow Spring Celebration. More...

Yellow With Silver or Grey

Yellow – especially bright yellow – is super hot. Mix it with true silver or pewter grey and it’s practically on fire.

Yellow is a splendid color for invitations, too, because it attracts the eye like bees to honey.

According to color psychology, yellow is associated with laughter, happiness and good times (things that never go out of style).

Yellow combined with black damask - one of the more popular wedding color schemes

From Ashley & Phillip’s Sunny Yellow Celebrations. More…

Yellow With Black

Lovely yellow paired with black is a vivid combo.

Combine it with unique patterns like the damask for a unique, playful and dramatic look.

A baby blue tie with a yellow boutionerre - Popular wedding colors for a fresh, summery feel

From Kelly & Jonathon’s Rustic Spring Celebrations. More…

Yellow, Baby Blue and Navy

Here’s a great combination of some popular wedding colors for fresh, simple and summery color combination.

Try mixing a pretty shade of yellow – this is different than lemon yellow, it’s a little softer – with baby blue and then adding Navy for dramatic emphasis and grounding.

Navy makes a beautiful background for punchy yellow and the baby blues lighten the whole palette up.

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The Modern Take on Classic Red

Red has been one of the more popular wedding colors for as long as I can remember.  It has shown its versatility by being combined with everything from black to orange. It can also be used successfully used in both dark and dramatic themes as well as fun and upbeat themes. Below are some my favorite combinations used with red.

A red rose centerpiece with black and white feathers for a centerpiece: a dramatic and popular wedding color scheme

From Andrea & Jason’s Breathtaking Black & Red Celebrations. More…

Red With Black And White

Red, white and black is always in fashion… but you want to be fashion-forward, right? In order to do that, you need a dramatic twist on things, and for that I suggest playing with interesting displays and textures.

Enter Feathers.

A classic red rose centerpiece layered in black and white feathers… that’s about as divine as it gets. And it doesn’t have to bust your budget either.

In this instance, red, white or super dramatic black invitations would announce your exciting intentions. Damask invites would also look awesome.

Red and white polka dot place cards: a fun and popular wedding color combination

From Kate & Justin’s Vintage Seaside Celebrations. More…

Red And White Polka Dots

Mix red with white and add in some polka dots and a commonly dramatic color becomes instantly playful.

These placecards are a fun DIY creation. If you don’t want to DIY your invites you can always make them on white cards with a polka dot ribbon.

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There are so Many Sides to Blue

Blue has always been one of the more popular wedding colors for years.  The thing that makes it fresh and contemporary is the hue as well as the color that people combine with it.

What is it about this color that makes us smile? Weightlifters are said to be able to lift more weight in a blue room, and shades of blue are among the most beloved colors for a majority of people. Specifically, turquoise emulates the most beautiful oceans of nature and all the semi-precious stones imaginable. It’s almost like having a honeymoon on your big day.

For the past few years turquoise has been taking center stage. Check out some of the great ideas below.

Turquoise and yellow invitation: a popular wedding color scheme

From Carolyn and Timothy’s Sweet and Simple Turqoise and Yellow Celebrations. More…

Turquoise With Yellow

A more intense turquoise combined with a bright yellow creates an extremely fresh, lively feeling.

Aqua blue bridesmaid dresses wtih ivory lillies - a popular wedding color combination.

From Natalie and Matthew’s Aqua-licious Cancun Beach Celebrations. More…

Light Turquoise With Cream And Green

On the other end of the spectrum a softer turquoise combined ivory lillies is more romantic and etheral.
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White: From Winter Wonderland Dreamy to Fresh and Summery

White is always going to be one of the most popular wedding colors. It is also one of my favorite because of its versatility

Bride in a soft white fur jacket and a white rose bouquet with brown and green accents - a popular wedding color scheme

From Amanda and David’s White and Wild Snowy Winter Celebrations. More…

White on White With Soft Greens and Browns

I absolutely love the creamy feeling of this combination, but for winter you could also keep it icy.

What does that mean? There are warm colors, like reds and golds and yellows. There are cool colors like blues and greens and metallics like silver and pewter. So fiddle around with what combos you like, warm or cool, and carry that mood throughout your winter wedding theme.

A white hydrangea and rose centerpiece: a simple, popular wedding color scheme.

From Andrea and Wing’s White Outdoor Wedding in the Spring. More…

White on White With Natural Green

Touches of white enhance the colors they’re paired with, like spring greens, berry reds and dramatic, beautiful black.

White is not only a great jumping off point for just about any color combination, it’s going to save you potentially thousands of dollars. It’s something I’ve said before and it bears repeating!

Lest we neglect the various shades of white, this paragraph hereby notifies you that we endorse all shades of white, from “off” to “ecru” to “cream,” “lily,” and beyond. Mix all whites for a really clean and cool look and notice how well whites go with glass and crystal. Ding! Savings!

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Today’s Pink Can Be Playful, Sexy Or Serene

Pink is another one of the more popular wedding colors.  It took a dive in the 90’s but since the mid 2000’s it has been on an upswing. People are using it in both dramatic themes as well as really pretty, romantic and subtle combinations. Below are my favorite color schemes including pink.

A hot pink wedding bouquet - one of the most popular wedding colors.

From Natasha & John’s Berry & Cherry Beach Wedding. More…

Pink on Pink

I really love the idea of playing with the same color in different shapes, textures and elements. That is, take a great color like hot pink and pull together a series of flowers that are grown in hot pink. You’ll find the list is long, from roses to lilies, carnations, freesia, Gerbera daisy and so on.

This will give not only depth and vivid color but also texture that automatically makes your bouquet and flowers look bigger (and by extension, more expensive) than you’d think!

A white, yellow and baby pink bouquet - popular wedding colors for a romantic scheme

From Wendy and Brian’s Brilliant and Festive Farmhouse Wedding. More…

Light Pink With Green and White Is Soft and Romantic

Way on the other side of hot pink is its sister in gorgeousness, pale pink.

In this case, pale pink can be paired with fresh bright greens, lime or chartreuse, and white to pull it all together.

A combination of these colors for your wedding palette would be great in spring, because they’re perfectly spring-like colors… and it would also be great for summer because these light, bright shades will come off like a cool breeze winding its way through your reception. So sweet!

A pink bridesmade dress with a pink, orange and green bouquet: Popular wedding colors for a fresh, playful scheme

From Sara and Brent’s Sweet and Sunny Garden Wedding. More…

Pink And Orange Is Playful And Fun

Pink and orange as a wedding color scheme is really darling, I think. It evokes all kinds of floral memories for me, from bursting bouquets of bright hot colors to pink and orange Zinnia flowers lined up against a white picket fence long ago.

Try using bold pinks with oranges in a few shades, from tangerine to golden yellow.

Include some touches of white in your linens and flowers, and as always if you want to save money, use lots of greens in your bouquets and the rest of your floral decor.

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Orange Can Be Rich and Dramatic Or Lively And Clean

There was a time that people wouldn’t consider planning an orange wedding in any another season other than fall. And while orange is still used mostly in the fall, it has found its place in both summer and spring weddings too and has been one of the more popular wedding colors for the past few years.

The color schemes for fall have become a little more adventurous and the schemes for spring and summer are really exciting and new. Check out a few of my favorites below.

A turquoise dress with an orange, red, and yellow rose bouquet. Popular wedding colors that make for a unique combination.

From Melissa and Oladele’s Stunning Fall Wedding. More…

Gem-like Shades Mixed With Deep Orange

Pink peonies and the color of rose quartz, sunset red on the tips of mango-hued blossoms… take these provocative shades and pop them out with butter yellow, bright pink, deep green and a nice white.

Depending on the exact shades of green you mix and the sort of pink you pick you can make this look fun and festive, casual or classically beautiful. Do your thing!ades will come off like a cool breeze winding its way through your reception. So sweet!

An ivory cake with orange and green details. Popular wedding colors that create a fresh, earthy combination.

From Chris & Emilia’s Green & Orange Wedding. More…

Orange With Green

Orange you glad you’re reading this page?

I know a brilliant designer who likes to use orange mostly because so few people use orange! So, if you want to be unique, start with this gorgeous citrus hue and add other fresh and mouth-watering colors like lime green and marigold yellow.

Orange is an ideal color for any sort of tropical or beach wedding, and it works really well as the basis for a fall wedding, too. Oranges toward the melon side are really pretty for spring and since the word orange is said not to rhyme with anything, nobody will make fun of your colors.

Tangerine orange bridesmaid dress. One of the more popular wedding colors of 2012.

Jami & Charlie’s Pretty ‘n’ Playful Orange, Blue And White Spring Wedding. More…

Tangerine Orange With White

This is one of those color themes that I would easily plan a vow renewal ceremony for.  It’s exciting, unique and still feels very current and modern.

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So, what do you think of these popular wedding colors?

Please share your opinion of the popular wedding colors on this page. And if you’ve come across anything else that’s super awesome, please dish!


P.S. If you want even more ideas, visit our wedding color ideas page for a portal to all of the color inspiration on the site.
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