Looking for a printable wedding planner checklist that will help you simplify the planning of your big day. One that will take the priorities of a budget bride in mind; will prepare you for anything that might come up; and will outline all of the to do’s you know about…along with all of the ones you don’t?  How about one that encourages you to enjoy the process as much as the big day?

Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if it was free too?!

When I was planning my wedding that’s exactly what I needed – Something simple, easy to follow, and pragmatic enough for a down-to-earth bride. I looked for one at the book store and they just weren’t a fit for my KISS approach to planning.  And, the ones I did try to follow made me feel more stressed out than I had before.

So, based on my experience as an event coordinator, I created my own. It was only then that everything started to fall into place. I felt like I was prepared for anything that life might throw me. I finally felt certain that I wouldn’t miss a single thing.

the kiss more printable wedding planner checklist

Introducing The Free “KISS More” Printable Wedding Planner Checklist for a Simplified and Fun Planning Experience

This planner is the souped-up version of the one I created for myself.  The original was based on all of the event coordination techniques I used to plan my own corporate events.

This one – the one that I’m giving you for free – has all of the good stuff that the original had along with changes based on what I learned when planning my own wedding and creating this website.

Here are the biggest benefits for you

1. It Helps You Save Money

Buying too early or too late can lead to unexpected expenses (or disappointment), This checklist is set up  to ensure you make decisions when you have all the information to do so confidently.

This is one of the big take-aways I learned from my own wedding.

2. It Encourages a Fun, Low-stress Planning Process

When coordinating events I always set things up in phases, I did that with this planner too. Here’s how that makes the process a lot more enjoyable:

  • Instead of 1 big list that blows your mind, you have 3 small, management lists. Keeping lists shorted is an automatic stress-reducer.
  • You will have a reason to celebrate at the end of phase 1, 2 and (of course) 3. This sense of accomplishment is a important to keeping stress levels low and the fun-factor high.
  • The to do’s are separated more evenly across all of the 3 phases. This means that you’re slowly and steadily working away. The last phase still has the bulk of work, but you’ll have a lot less to do in the final stretch than with most planners.

3. It’s a Printable Wedding Planner Checklist – So save it to your computer or print it out like I did! 

When I was planning my wedding, I tried to do everything online. In the end, it complicated things. It was when I moved to a printable checklist and planner that things started to feel more simple. This CAN be used on your computer if you prefer, BUT, you can print it out like I did if you prefer. I finally started spending my time PLANNING my wedding instead of planning how I’d organize the planning of my wedding.

Would you like to simplify the planning of your wedding?

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