Photos and Tips for Classic and Simple Wedding Cakes

Looking for simple wedding cakes? Dying for some great pictures and some unique ideas? How about some simple ideas that won’t break the bank?

If so, read on for wedding cake design ideas, photos, and tips for how these looks can save you money. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ideas for the real weddings I feature on the site. These are absolutely gorgeous so get read to be inspired!

Simple White Wedding Cakes

There is nothing more classic and simple than a plain white wedding cake. To save money and stay true to that classic look forget about real flowers and go for inexpensive cake toppers.

To make your simple white wedding cake a wee bit more unique go with a uniform texture or a white on white motif like polka dots. You can even take it a tiny bit farther with a wee bit of fabric. But stop there. Anything else makes it anything but simple!

Minimalist Flowers For Simple Wedding Cakes

People can sometimes go crazy with floral displays on their cakes. Sure flowers are pretty, no one will deny that. BUT, if you like simple wedding cakes then take it easy on the flowers. Just one flower up top or sprinkled throughout the cake is all you need. For even more simplicity keep the flower style super simple AND go for an all white wedding cake.

 Simple Black and White Wedding Cakes

Other than a plain white cake, nothing says “simple wedding cakes” more than a simple black and white cake and a single metallic initual cake topper. Floral cake toppers, extravagant icing, or a gaudy cake toppers would have taken this cake from simple to overdone. It’s perfect as is!

Simple Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas Minus The Flowers

If a simple, pretty, country looking wedding cake is what you want forgoe the flowers and expensive thick ribbons. Instead take a more delicate approach. Thin, light colored ribbons, and swirly designs with petite flowers always look simple and sweet. While on the other hand, homemade cake toppers and simple, small sugar flowers are also really pretty and sweet.

Unusual But Simple Wedding Cakes

Ok… you want a simple AND slightly unsual wedding cake. Got it :) Below are some great examples. The first is a funky DIY cake. Not only is the look kinda neat, but the dove cake topper is pretty cool too! And the second one is also simple and unique at the same time. All that makes it unique is the unsual shape of the lines. Goes to show you that simple can also be unique!