Inspiring Summer Wedding Bouquets… and How You Can Get These Looks on a Budget

Summer wedding bouquets can be chocolate box pretty or bold and exotic. Get happy with an armful of sunflowers. Unleash your inner romantic with pretty pink roses. Go contemporary with a loosely tied bunch of tiger lilies or a cascade of rich magenta and white orchids.

Following are some of the prettiest bouquets from the KISS wedding features on the site. I’ve picked all of them because they either have a simple, elegant charm about them or they are beautiful and deceivingly inexpensive.

If you love one of the designs that might be a bit more expensive, I’ll share some tips for how you can get something similar for less. Enjoy!
- Susanna

A Classic:
A Yellow Rose Bouquet for Summer

Yellow Rose Bouquet for Summer

From James & Amanda’s Yellow and Black Wedding. See the whole feature…

Grouping together different kinds of flowers in the same shade (or same general colour spectrum) always looks ultra-chic and coordinated for any bouquet…not just summer wedding bouquets.

Budget Tips: To be frank, this bouquet isn’t going to be cheap. This particular bride saved a bit of money by going with a simple ribbon vs. the traditional wrapping. You can also get your florist to make it a little smaller and/or combine it with a few non-rose (but still yellow flowers.

Depending on your florist however, sticking with a bunch of one single flower (even if that flower is a rose)  could be the cheaper option.


Sweet and Simple:
A White Rose Bouquet With Lavender Sprigs

White Rose Bouquet for Summer

From Summer and Chad’s Cowboy Chic Wedding. See the whole feature…

Make simple white summer wedding bouquets unique with sprigs of lavender or sweetspire. If you want a look that’s unusual, rustic and a little bit country, wrap your bouquet with linen or another earthy fabric.

Budget Tips: There isn’t actually much you could do to reduce the cost of this bouquet. You could make it a bit smaller, and that might save you $10 or 20. The roses is what makes this look special, so I’m not sure you would want to replace them with a different flower IF you love this look exactly as is.


A Peach, Pink and White Rose Bouquet

Peach and Rose Bouquet

From Julia and Reed’s Rustic Spring Wedding. See the whole feature…

Even if you decide to go the traditional route for your summer bridal bouquets, there are still lots of things you can do to save $$$. Keep your bouquet relatively small and mix in a few inexpensive blooms in with some of the more pricey flowers. This is a great example!

Budget Tips: Summer wedding bouquets which copy this look exactly are on the pricey side. The only thing you could do to reduce the price would be to make it smaller. You might be able to get a similar feeling with a bouquet made of gerbera daisies and a few large, but inexpensive floppy flowers.


Fun and Playful:
A Bright, Bold and Colorful Bouquet

Bright & Colorful Summer Wedding Bouquet

From Jenelle & Quinn’s Colorfully Rustic Wedding. See the whole feature…

Want your summer wedding bouquets to really stands out?

Pick two (or three!) colours that contrast really well with each other, and watch the combo pop! White is great for contrasting with deeper colors like dark red, navy blue or purple, or you could pick two bright colors that set each other off against a light-colored dress!

Budget Tips: Given the size of this bouquet, it was probably on the pricey side. The different floral varieties would also add to the price of it. On the one hand, I wouldn’t want to get rid of some the more unique additions (like the cactus), but at the same time the more unique the flower, the hefty the price tag.

If you like this bouquet I suggest you take it to your florist, tell her what you like about it, and ask how she can give something similar in your price range.


Soft Muted Tones with White Hydrangeas and Dusty Pinks

Soft, Muted Tones for a Summer Bouquet

From Marsha & Christopher’s Sensational Silver Wedding. See the whole feature…

For a really beautiful, ethereal white wedding bouquet, you can opt for all white flowers, combined with delicate and lace-like floral details.. Even if you balance out the more expensive blooms like roses and lilies with daisies and carnations, the look is still luxuriously pretty.

Budget Tips: The flowers in these summer wedding bouquets are lovely and they aren’t especially pricey. I think it’s the craft involved in this design along with the ribbon effect that would raise the cost. Simplify the ribbon slightly, or reduce the size of the bouquet for a lower cost.


Classic, Elegant, and Slightly Rustic
White and Peach Bouquet

White and Peach Bouquet

From Meggie and JR’s Rustic Backyard Wedding in the Summer Sun. Go see the whole feature…

For summer bridal bouquets it makes sense to mix up expensive blooms with more affordable ones, source locally grown flowers and try creating your own bouquets using unusual fabrics for the ribbon. In this case, it’s the color of the ribbon with the buttons that gives it a very rustic feeling.

Budget Tips: This is a great example bouquet for a lower-cost summer bouquet. The size is absolutely perfect. The only way you can get a cheaper bouquet would be stick with a single flower.

If you want a similar rustic feel, but can’t afford the fancy ribbon detailing go with simple linen. It would be provide the same feeling for for your summer wedding bouquets, but would cost less.