5 of My Favorite Summer Wedding Ideas for Savvy, Budget Brides

Do you know exactly what kind of summer wedding ideas are going to help you make your big day everything you want it to be? Or, are you still trying to figure which special details will help you create a really special celebration filled with all the love and happiness you want to fill your new lives as husband and wife?

Here are 5 ideas I just love. Enjoy!!

Inspiring Summer Wedding Bouquets

A white rose bouquet with sprigs of lavender for a summer wedding

While I love A LOT of different looks for bouquets, this is a special example I want to share with you for one big reason – you can take something really simple (a small white bouquet) and add something very small to make it even more beautiful.

The sprigs of lavender flowers and burlap wrap do just that.

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Ideas for Summer Wedding Colors

From Nicole and Nathan’s Rustic ‘n’ Retro DIY Wedding. More...

When a lot of people think of summer colors, we often think brighter tones. But, the fact of the matter is that there are some really lovely subdued and subtle colors that can inspire the scheme for your big day.

This is just one example, but I just think it’s a great example of taking the colors of the season and tweaking them a bit to make it more you.

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An invitation for summer. Go see it here.

An invitation for summer. Go see it here.

Ideas for Summer Wedding Invitations

There are easily hundreds (maybe thousands) of invitation designs for a summer wedding. There are so many amazing designs that it’s hard for me to pick a favorite.

This one however is definitely at the top of my “LOVE” list. Here’s why – it’s classy while at the same time feeling a little bit rustic.

As a person who’s uncomfortable with being overly shi-shi while at the same time not wanting to appear plain, this is a great balance.

As far as invites go however, there are no shortage of ideas.

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Ideas for Summer Themes

From Kristen and Brian's wedding at a vineyard. Go see it here.

If you live in area that has these kinds of beautiful views, creating a Tuscan or Mediterranean-inspired theme would be really easy. And, since the surroundings would be so beautiful, you’d have to do very little decorating to make it look great.

There are many other different themes that are great any time of year. Check them out here.

Ideas for Wedding Favors

Vinegar and Olive Oil Wedding Favor Ideas

Not sure what to get your friends and family for a favor? If not, I think olive oil wedding favors are one of the most perfect favor ideas for a summer wedding. Well, it’d work in any season but summer is by far one of the more appropriate.

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