Inspiration for Beautiful Summer Wedding Themes

Ideas for summer wedding themes

Fresh, happy and more romantic than St. Valentine himself, these summer wedding themes will tug at those heartstrings. Channel the spirit of nature with a butterfly theme. Or go for full-on romance with roses. And by all means, do NOT limit yourself by location. You don’t have to live by the sea to do a beach theme. With a bit of creativity, you can give your guests that tropical vibe without going anywhere near an airport.

Not sure what you want? By the end of the this page you’ll have figured out exactly what you want, exactly what you don’t want (equally important), OR you’ll have an inkling of what to explore next.

Have fun!
- Susanna

Destination-inspired Themes For Summer

Lea-e-eavin’… on a jet plane? Well…. maybe not. Destination weddings can just as expensive as home-grown affairs, even though they’re much more intimate. And family and friends can sometimes resent them.

But if it’s the exotic vibe you’re after, you don’t have to cross the globe to achieve it. Simple, cost-effective themed accessories and a well-chosen color palette can create the same effect at – and here come the magic words! – a fraction of the cost.

Some excellent themes based on classic destinations include:

Wedding centerpiece with pinwheel

From Kelly and Jonathan’s Wedding. More…

A Beach Theme For Summer

If you’re getting married in the summer and live in sea-side town a beach-inspired wedding is a natural progression.

Beach theme can be full-on beach’y with lots of beach motifs like starfish and seashells. Or, if you want a more toned-down approach you can look to beach-side colors and florals.

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Pink centerpiece with vineyard in the background

Kristin and Brian’s Pink and Green Wedding. More…

A Tuscan Theme For Summer

If you live in a location with beautiful green landscapes and rolling hills in the background a Tuscan theme could be perfect for you.

Making it work wouldn’t even require a lot of effort. It would simply require slightly more rustic centerpieces and lots and lots of wine!

Don’t go too overboard with the decor. Tuscan-style is fairly relaxed and understated.


Themes Inspired By Your Venue

Love the idea of an outdoor wedding? Even though a beach wedding or garden wedding ideas are great, your options are not limited to that alone.

How about a fabulous golf-themed event in the rolling hills of a local green, or an elegant country wedding in a vineyard? Check out some of the most KISS-friendly ideas below.

From Sara and Tony’s Gorgeous Garden-Fantasy Wedding

From Sara and Tony’s Gorgeous Garden-Fantasy Wedding. More…

Garden Party

Are you getting married in a garden or any lush setting? If so, a garden-inspired theme is perfect!

The surroundings will take care of your decor. All you have to do is come up with some super simple table decorations and aisle decorations. Keeping it simple is key. Let nature do its thing.

Excellent favors for a garden party theme would be flower seeds or bulbs. Check out some great ideas here.

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If you’re a golfer, then you know that nothing says summer like a good game of golf.

With that said, it is a theme were you need to be careful. If you get to carried away it’ll end up feeling more like a golf tournament than a wedding.

Getting this theme right simply involves keeping the decor very simple, modern, and classic. Stick with earth tones and soft shades.

The most obvious use of a golf motif could be in your favors. Monogrammed golf balls or other accessories would be a great option. It might be a good idea to offer options though – just in case some of your friends aren’t into golf.

From Katy & Jeff’s Vibrant Vineyard Wedding. More...

From Katy & Jeff’s Vibrant Vineyard Wedding. More…


If you live near a location that has a vinery, these make great venue’s for a wedding. A vineyard theme is also a natural progression. It’ll (obviously) be really easy to pull off too!

In terms of decor, I’d keep it as simple as possible. Sprinkled rose petal decor is all I’d use for the ceremony aisles. And for your reception tables, I think you could get as simple as a potted plant in a beautiful (unglazed) ceramic pot.

Your favors could be homemade wine, mini wine (maybe the winery sells these at a discount in bulk) or wine stoppers. This would be perfect!

You could also offer wine and cheese tastings at some point during the reception or during your photo session.


“It Feels Like Summer” Theme Ideas

With the flowers in full bloom and the sunshine at its best, outdoors is the perfect inspiration for summer wedding themes.

The summer garden theme is lovely, but make the most of your personality and take your theme a step further. Check out some of the below ideas for inspiration based on things that practically scream summer.

From Noelle & Van’s Beautiful Butterfly Wedding

From Noelle & Van’s Beautiful Butterfly Wedding. More…


This is a really pretty theme for summer. The only problem, is that you want to make sure you’re subtle about it. If there too many butterflies scattered around the room, it might feel more like a butterfly sanctuary than a wedding.

I’d limit your butterfly motifs to the cake, the invitation (here’s a cute one you can DIY) and favor boxes.

A single butterfly tucked into some (some is key!) centerpieces would also be a nice touch.

Summer wedding theme idea: tea party

From a Vintage Garden Wedding Ideas At Haiku Mill. More…

Tea Party

I love the idea of a wedding with a tea party vibe. It could be because it’s a theme one of my best friends opted for, or, perhaps just because I love tea.

Either way, tea is hugely popular making this a super modern, trendy theme.

It wouldn’t work in every venue, so just make sure it can work in yours. Or, at the very least, your tea party theme fits the style of the venue.  For example, you could go with a very upscale tea party (think royal family). Or, you could go with some a bit more quaint  and whimsical (think Alice in Wonderland).

THE perfect favor for a tea party theme is tea. Check some out here.

From Andrea and Wing’s White Outdoor Wedding

From Andrea and Wing’s White Outdoor Wedding. More…

Backyard BBQ

This is my 3rd favorite idea for summer wedding themes (after Tea Party and Tuscan). And if you’re going for a casual, relaxed at-home style wedding then it’s very likely in your top 3 too.

Getting the theme right is dependant on two things – 1. The menu (check out some ideas here) and 2. The favor. You must absolutely consider BBQ and or hot sauce! (ideas here).

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The secret to getting this theme right for a wedding is keeping it very simple yet upscale. For example, opt for a fancier menu. And, as far a decor, minimalism is key. Pretty flowers in mason jars surrounded by candles is all that you need for your reception. Ceremony decor can be as basic as pretty flowers in pots lining your aisle.


Summer Themes Based on Flowers

Summer flowers are the perfect fresh ‘n’ fabulous starting point for creating a theme that’s just right for your celebrations.

Whether you’re a traditionalist with a taste for roses, sunny gal who swoons over sunflowers, or even a classic beauty who loves calla lilies, there’s a flower theme for you…

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