Simple Wedding Ideas for the Savvy-at-heart

Wedding Ceremony Ideas for a Budget-friendly Celebration

Are you absolutely certain about the kind of wedding ceremony ideas you need to make your all-important I DO’s every bit as special as you want them to be. Or, are you still deciding on the details that will help you create the kind of celebration you want.

I know that your vows are THE reason for all this planning BUT, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t excited about getting into all the details that will make it special and uniquely you.

When we got married we just had to have personalized vows. Adrian wrote them and the reading of them on our wedding day was (and continues to be) one of the most meaningful moments of our lives. Every anniversary when we read them, they bring us closer, just like they did on that day.

But, there were other things that made it special –  a candle ceremony binding our families together, the music Adrian wrote for our recessional and processional, and our friend playing the flute during our signing.

Since then, I have seen so many amazing wedding ceremony ideas. Many of the ideas below are ideas from our own big day, but many of them are from the feature weddings.

I wish I had thought a lot of these myself when we planned our own ceremony. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see how they inspire you!

Ceremony aisle with pink freeze dried rose petals

Ceremony aisle with pink freeze dried rose petals

 Rose Petals For Your Wedding Ceremony Decor

As far as ceremony decor is concerned, you can take it easy…this really doesn’t have to be expensive to look great. One of the decor ideas that I think goes a long way (for not alot of money) are freeze-dried rose petals.

Line the aisle like in the photo above or get your flower girl to sprinkle a few on her way up the aisle for picture perfect ceremony photos!

Unique Music for Your Ceremony

If you’re planning a traditional wedding ceremony then you’ll need several songs for your ceremony. It’s an excellent choice if you want to use Ipod music for the ceremony.

This particular album by Ron Korb is absolutely gorgeous and has music for almost all parts of the ceremony – from the processional to the recessional.

Note: In addition to the processional and recessional you may want  music for the signing of the registry as well as entertaining music while your guests are waiting for the ceremony start.

Sand Ceremony for a Wedding

Sand Ceremony for a Wedding

Meaningful Ceremony Traditions Like the Sand Ceremony

Regardless of what nationality you are there are alot of ceremony traditions that you can draw on to make your wedding ceremony unique and special.

We did the candle ceremony at our wedding, but the sand ceremony is equally special and suitable to a lot of different cultures. But, if they don’t resonate with you, you can draw traditions from a culture that you connect with or you can simple look into your family history to learn about your own wedding traditions.

Personalized Vows

Personalized Vows

Personalized Wedding Ceremony Wording

Getting our ceremony wording just right was one of our biggest priorities. It was so important that we wrote them from scratch!

This is one of those inexpensive (aka. Free) ways to distinguish your wedding from others. So, if you’re on a budget I highly recommend spending some time on this.

But just take note of this – It’s a little bit tricky because there is a very specific script/order of things for the ceremony. And on top of that, your wedding ceremony vows absolutely have to include certain phrases in order for you to be legally married. These “rules” change from place to place so make sure to speak about this with the person marrying you before you start writing.

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Wedding Bubbles/Confetti For Your Walk Up The Aisle

As far as eco-friendly wedding confetti is concerned wedding bubbles are one of the the most economical and practical. AND they look darned pretty in pictures!

After wedding bubbles for the wedding toss, my next favorite would probably have to be the rose petal toss. Like wedding bubbles, the rose petal toss is more accepted by venues than regular confetti, plantable confetting tosses, and even lavender.

  • Go see more ideas for eco-friendly wedding confetti
A simple look for flower girls

A simple look for flower girls

A Simple’n Sweet Look for Your Flower Girls

I love all of the flower girl dresses that are popular these days. BUT I have to admit that I’m a big fan of the simple look. In addition to looking darned cute they’ll (usually) be less expensive and lot more practical than some of the other popular styles of today.

Consider the personality of most flower girls – active, and a little bit clumsy :) I can’t tell you how afraid my sister was letting my neices eat in their $200 white raw silk dresses that she would (no matter what!) find a reason for them to wear again.

A DIY flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow

A DIY flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow. Click here for more details.

Easily Customizable Ring Bearer Pillows and Flower Girl Baskers

K…. I’m a HUGE Fan of this Design Your Collection. They’re super inexpensive AND they look fabulous regardless of whether or not you decide to personalize them.

They were created especially for couples who want to create something totally unique and fitting to their theme. You can add ribbons, rhinestones, or any other sort of bobbles to make them fit your theme perfectly. .

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