Sun, Sand, Surf: Creative and Pretty Wedding Color Themes for Beach Celebrations

beach color ideasFortune smiles on the bride who marries at the beach and so does the sun. Are you looking for creative and pretty beach wedding color schemes? Look no further than the ocean’s blue and the seashell’s pink. Here are some gorgeous pics of real brides and real weddings so we can talk about all sorts of choices for the best of the best beach wedding color themes.

Are you a nature-girl who wants to be barefoot and elegant, toes in the sand? Maybe you envision yourself poised atop a dramatic cliff, waves crashing against the shore… or perhaps ensconced in a lodge overlooking a calm, clear lake? Whatever your take on a beach wedding is turning out to be, you’ll like these super-creative, really pretty beach wedding color schemes.

Beautiful, Bold Beach Wedding Color Schemes

If you love bold colors, there’s something about that Caribbean aqua in a bold beach theme that makes my mouth water; it’s that gorgeous. With so many different hues of blue to choose from, and complimentary colors in shades of sherbet (orange, lemon, tangerine) to pair your blue with, you can’t go wrong with a color theme like this. Want to pop it? Add white. Want to calm it? Add the color of sand or another “grounding” shade. Just fabulous anyway you do it.


Simple Elegance at the Shore: Subtle Beach Wedding Color Schemes

Just because you’re getting married at the beach doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any sense of decorum and automatically go all Boho on everybody! Maybe you want beach and sand but still like to retain a certain level of romance and grace. A sensual and subtle color palette is the way to acheive that.

Interestingly, subtle beach wedding color themes are sometimes about what’s not there: using white (which is a great savings, anyway) to balance out your colors and keeping shades deep and barely diluted will help to make your wedding colors feel subtle and natural. Don’t forget to add warmth by bringing in a smashing sunshine yellow or even a very pale pink. Again, it’s about balance. As much as I love aqua, there’s something to be said for a classic navy or a lovely deep simple true blue.


Love on the Rocks: Romantic Colors for the Beach

Ahhh, the romance of a beach wedding. It’s in the air, on the breeze, in the setting sun and all the shades that your heart can imagine. So what you want to do for romantic colors is is pull back a little bit on the intensity of the shade. Instead of bright blues, think about morning light and soft colors, not-quite-pastels… Then pair those softer shades with occasional hits of bright (as in pale turquoise with hot lime) in flowers or ribbons or other accessories.


Unique Colors for a Beach Wedding

The ocean’s shore, where land ends and dreams begin. There’s something about a beach wedding, whether it’s seaside or river’s edge, raging ocean or placid lake: anything is possible. You’re outdoors, so there are no limits. If you want to a creative and unique color scheme for your beach wedding, simply relax and let your imagination take you away… blue is beautiful but maybe for you lavender is better?

If sea shell baby-pink isn’t your thing maybe hot-pink is. So do it. The thing with a beach wedding is your color scheme can be as unique as your love is, because the beach itself is a perfect backdrop for your dramatic fantasies to unfold. Yum!


From Natasha & John’s beach celebrations. Go see it here…


Sunshine and Rainbows: Upbeat, Cheery Beach Schemes

BAM! Here’s your daily does of vitamin D in the form of super-cheerful bright sunshine yellow. I think upbeat and cheerful colors for weddings on the beach is perfect for a laid back, fun day. Meyer lemon yellow. Daffodil yellow. The kind of yellow that makes you want to sing! Or try sunshine yellow’s sister colors… any of the shades you find in a Hawaiian sunset (or a Tequila sunrise — grenadine and orange juice) together with white white white will make your guests delirious with color, without even adding the alcohol


Catherine and David’s Grey and Yellow Polka Dot Wedding. Go see it here…