Budget-friendly Wedding Flower Ideas for Bouquets Using Fresh Flowers

freshflowerbouquetsYou’ve come far in planning and now you’re looking for THE most beautiful (and affordable) wedding flower ideas for your bouquet.

It will afterall be the very bouquet that you’ll be clutching during your iconic walk down the aisle and during your all-important I-do’s. It’s also the one that will grace so many of your treasured wedding photos.

If you are anything like me, you probably have at least one flower (or look) in mind. AND, by the time you’re done this search you’ll probably have several inspiring bouquet photos tucked into inspiration boards, planning books, or folders.

You may also be deciding if you should DIY or hire a florist to complete this task for you.

Before you search too long or make your final decision on the flowers, the design or whether or not you’ll be DIY’ing there are a few important tips that will help you save in style.

When I started my search for the perfect bouquet, I had pretty much decided on the Lily. Over time, my eyes wandered, but in the end I settled on my first choice even though it’s a higher cost flower.

What I learned then (and what has been confirmed over and over again while writing about weddings for the past 5 years) is that:

  • Some flowers lend themselves better to DIY’ing
  • If you love a flower and it’s really expensive, there are creative ways to use it and still save
  • Some flowers just make it easier to keep your bouquet costs a little lower

Below are THE most popular flowers used in wedding bouquets and how you can use them to make a gorgeous bouquet for less (just like I did). Which one of these ideas is going to inspire YOUR wedding bouquet?

freshflowerbouquet-v115Gerberas For Bouquets

I love Gerbera’s. Who doesn’t? There’s something friendly and disarming about them. Plus, their vibrant colors are a plus for pretty much any wedding season.

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freshflowerbouquet-v113Sunflowers For Bouquets

The iconic sunflower is a staple flower in weddings from mid August to mid October.

If you’re on a budget, one of the great things about this flower is its easy DIY-factor. To keep it simple, cheap, and totally on trend, tie 3 together for a fabulous bouquet under $20.

I also really love the look of smaller sunflowers in deep red bouquets for fall.


freshflowerbouquet-v112Hydrangea Flowers For Bouquets

I see hydrangeas in weddings all year long, but since they start to bloom in August they’re a great flower for late summer to winter weddings.

People use them as the sole flower in bouquets, but they’re also used as filler. They’re large size makes them really great for this.


freshflowerbouquet-v110Roses For Bouquets

The rose is probably THE most popular flower for a wedding bouquet. It has been for years and probably will be for many more.

Use different colors to evoke a different mood. To save keep your bouquet small and (depending on your florist) combine roses with other flowers to save on costs.


freshflowerbouquet-v117Lillies For Bouquets

Consider my name is Susanna, it’s perfectly fitting that I love the lily so much (Susanna means “like a lily”).

I love it so much, that it was the flower I used for my bouquet. I looked at hundreds of bouquets, but there’s something abouts it’s simplicity and timeless elegance that made it the perfect fit for me.

What I learned on my search is that it’s actually a pricey flower. I got a relatively small bouquet. The cost was was $120. It was the average price based on the 5 flower shops I visited.


freshflowerbouquet-v96Orchid Bouquets

What’s great about the orchid is that it looks fabulous in small clusters. This is great for people who want a bold flower but can’t afford a humungous bouquet.

It isn’t a particularly cheap flower, but it is rather sturdy and you don’t need a lot of them for a beautiful bouquet.