20 of the Most Popular Looks for Wedding Invitation Ideas … and Affordable Designs that Compliment Them

Do you know exactly what kinds of wedding invitation ideas will help you convey to your friends and family the kind of celebration they can expect? Or are you still looking at invitations to give you the inspiration you need to settle on a theme or style for your big day? Most of us decide to get an invitation that fits with our theme in some way, be it color, theme, or motif. What I found when searching for my own invitations is that there’s a lot of inspiration to be found in them. Adrian and I love our quirky little DIY invitations but, at the same time, I wish we had more of an open mind about being inspired by some of the fresh, new looks. Some of them are truly amazing! Below is a list of some of the most popular styles, motifs, and themes for wedding stationery. Prepare to be inspired and to find the perfect look for your big day.

Information wedding invitation

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An Informal Invitation

If the idea of a “wedding” makes you a little bit uncomfortable, then informal invitations are a great option for you. They differ from most invitations in that they are a little bit more casual in terms of design and wording. As an example, an informal invitation would never use the word “cordially” (unless it is used humorously). And, “Please Join Us” or similar wording would be changed to something less formal such as (but not limited to): Let’s Party! If you’re uncomfortable sending something informal to some of your guests, don’t worry. Many people get two different sets of invitations. Adrian and I didn’t get two sets of invitations, but we did have different wording on our response cards. We used “Are You Coming Or What” and “We Hope You Will Be Able To Attend”, depending on whom the invitation was for. We liked being able to be cheeky with certain friends/family, but I know some people would have been horrified by this lack of formality.

A Contemporary Look

If traditional wedding invitations make your eyes roll back into your head with disgust, then a modern/contemporary invitation is a look that you’d probably like a lot. These designs have clear, clean lines and usually use a sans serif font. Colors can be soft and pretty or bold and dramatic. It’s really the font and lines, not the color, that give an invitation a contemporary look.

Renaissance Inspired

If you want to feel like a queen for a day but aren’t a big fan of that saccharine Disney look, then this style is a good fit for you. It would also be a great fit if you’re simply a fan of everything related to Renaissance, from the shape of their clothes to the art. If you have a larger budget ($6+ per invitation), a design with a scroll would be a perfect on-theme design. If your budget is smaller, focus on the paper type (i.e., parchments or creams vs. whites) as well as designs.


Vintage Design

Not only is the vintage style one of the most popular for weddings today, it’s also an excellent theme if you’re laid back and relaxed but still prefer the finer things in life: lace, crystal, and great food, to name a few. A vintage theme is often quite casual and relaxed combined with delicate, ethereal, or romantic details that make it unique. Think shabby chic for romantics. It makes a beautiful look for weddings in the country, especially if you’re getting married in a barn!    

A Country Theme

If you’re getting married in the country and are going for a relaxed but romantic mood, then a country-themed invitation is a great style for you. A country-themed invitation often includes illustrations of mason jars with wild flowers, cowboy boots with flowers, fireflies, or flickering fairy light. Go see some real country weddings for inspiration


The Photo Invitation

Depending on the photos you use, the photo-style invitation can look like almost any other style on this page, but it tends to look a little more contemporary. That makes this look great for modern couples, especially if you’re on the outgoing side. Here’s another reason I love this invitation style: If you’ve had or are getting some engagement photos taken, you might as well show them off and get some extra mileage out of them! 


Art Deco

True story: This particular invitation is the very invitation this designer, Holly Taylor, used for her own wedding. Is it just me or is that really cool?! She got married at a theatre, which makes art deco such a wonderful theme. If you like the contemporary look but want something with a little more personality, this style might just rock your world. Another true story: When I studied fashion and design history at university, the Art Deco art period was one of my favorite periods. It was so unusual compared to everything before it. The look of the period extends into fashion, so if you like it, you should check out some period-inspired wedding gowns.  


Royal Wedding Invitations

Ever since the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, royal invitation designs have become more popular than ever before. Are you a fan of the royals? Do you like Disney but not the cheeky cuteness of it…at least not for your wedding? Do you like the Renaissance look but don’t think the look is quite right? If so, perhaps the graceful, aristocratic look of the royal invitation is perfect for you. Purple is an excellent color for royal invitations, but {royal} blue is another popular color. This style of invitation comes at a very good price for all that you get with it! 

A Seashell or Starfish Motif

Are you getting married on the beach? If so, how does the seashell motif strike your fancy? It’s a great motif and can be carried through to all of your decor, from your ceremony aisle to your reception tables. This particular invitation is more contemporary, but you can get designs that are informal or cute as well.


Palm Trees

Planning a tropical wedding? Palm-tree-style invitations work well whether you’re getting married in a tropical destination such as Hawaii or somewhere like Florida or Los Angeles.  Go see more palm tree wedding invitation designs                          

A snowflake invitation.

The Snowflake

Do you fancy a winter wonderland theme for your winter wedding? If so, I say go for the snowflake motif. It is by far my favorite for a winter wedding. Not only will you have a lot of choice in terms of invitations, but you can also carry this motif in many of your decorations. Die-cut snowflakes look great on cakes and bouquets, and fake snow is gorgeous for table settings. Most weddings that are inspired by the snowflake use shades of blue, grey, silver, and white as part of their color combination. Go see more snowflake wedding invitation designs

The Calla Lily

The calla lily is one of the most popular and inspiring flowers for wedding themes. I didn’t use it as part of our theme, but I did have, in my opinion, the most gorgeous calla lily wedding bouquet ever. I just don’t think any other flower says elegant quite like it. Despite its popularity, it’s actually quite difficult to find affordable and modern invitations with this theme. The one here is a very pretty and simple DIY kit. It’s under $20 for 50 invitations. Talk about a good deal! Go see more ideas for a calla lily-theme wedding Check out some of the calla invites at Etsy

The Sunflower

If you’re planning a happy, casual, and low-key celebration, the sunflower is a great motif. This particular invitation has a country feeling, but you can also find the sunflower used in more contemporary designs. You can use the sunflower in your bouquets, centerpieces, and other decor around your ceremony and reception venue. In terms of color, it looks beautiful combined with purple, brown, orange, and softer shades of yellow.

The Gerbera

Of all the gerbera invitations I’ve seen, this is by far my favorite. It captures the playfulness and beauty of the gerbera best. If your goal is to have a cheerful, upbeat wedding that isn’t hoity toity in any way at all, then the daisy will definitely be calling out to you.


If you’re a fan of the rustic, vintage, and informal styles but want a more earthy feel, the invitations with the tree motif are a good option for you. What makes the tree motif slightly different (and special) is its symbolic meaning. Here’s one of my favorite interpretations: “…the majestic tree roots deeply into the ground as its branches extend toward the sky. Trees are strong but flexible, and typically quite resilient. A tree cooperates with and sustains other natural forms such as birds, mammals and insects. Trees breathe life-giving oxygen into the world and all the life forms them as they ex­change carbon dioxide for oxygen. Insects and vines may destroy a tree, yet it keeps on giving, breaking down into nutrients to sustain other life forms. Because of its many beneficial qualities, a tree may be viewed as the ultimate example of selflessness.” From http://life.gaiam.com Is it just me or does this sound like the perfect symbolism for a strong marriage?


Are you getting married in the spring? Are you playful, fun, and deeply in love with pretty? If so, the tulip could very well be the motif for your invitations. Tulips come in some very pretty colors, all of them fresh and clean: pink, purple, red, orange, white, and yellow. This means that you can use any (or all!) of these colors in your wedding color scheme. Having so many options to choose from makes planning easy. Go see more spring wedding invitation idea

Peacock Feathers

Are you looking for something a little more exotic to inspire your theme? If so, have you thought about a peacock-theme invitation? It could very well satisfy your desire for some unique drama. The peacock as a theme for weddings has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Its popularity has made it possible to get peacock feathers (hopefully no peacocks were harmed in the acquisition!) and some AMAZING invitations! When people use the peacock theme to inspire their weddings, some really fabulous and dramatic color schemes result. Used in bouquets or table settings, the peacock feather is very striking.

Black and White

Black and white are two of the more popular colors used in weddings. It’s no surprise they make a popular combination. When we got married, I used black as an accent. It made it a million times easier for my sister to find a bridesmaid’s dress that she could wear again (and she has, at least 3 times!). So, regardless of whether you’re planning a strictly black-and-white wedding, black-and-white invitations are a great option. I love this particular example because it would work well for almost any season. Go see more black and white wedding ideas


When it comes to trends, I’m usually ahead of the curve by about a year. Purple, however, caught me off guard. It just happened one day. Now, I’m either getting old and losing my touch or it was a spin-off of the popular royal theme after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Even though the imperial shade started the trend, purple comes in all kinds of tints, tones, and shades. Lovely lavenders, lilacs, eggplant, and crocus shades have definitely found their place in today’s weddings.

Pink… Especially Pink and Brown

Pink lost popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But, ever since design styles such as French country or shabby chic became popular, subdued shades of pink started to make a comeback. Slowly following, all of the closet pink fans came out in droves and now almost every shade of pink has become hugely popular.