Say No to a Boring Wedding Menu Ideas… No Matter What Your Budget!


Looking for wedding menu ideas? Well, I’m here to say that boring wedding menu ideas aren’t allowed – no matter how big or small your budget is!

You know it, I know it, EVERYone knows it- When food looks great (regardless of cost) it just tastes better. And, even just a wee bit of creativity can make ALL the difference.

And the good news,  is that those creative touches don’t have to hike up the cost of your wedding menu by much at all.

A Stylish Wedding Reception Buffet

Depending on your wedding budget and style, wedding reception buffet menus can be ideal. Buffets have had a bad rap, but they’ve really made a come-back. From tasting tables to lavish displays and varied menus they’re ideal for today’s casual, laid back and simple wedding.

Kick it up a notch with decorative candles and displays as well as great dishware and serving sets. Just make sure you have someone manning the buffet table(s) to keep it sanitary and looking great!

Trendy Wedding Reception Finger Foods & H’ors D’oevres

True story – At our wedding, we had finger foods all night long. It was divine. Simply divine! These days, there are so many categories of finger foods including meats, veggies, cheese, dairy free foods and a whole a bunch of other stuff. My only tips for you is to make sure you have enough waiters manning the venue with your tasty treats. If not, those farthest from the kitchen will lose out on your great menu ideas.

The great thing about having finger foods and h’ors d’oevres at your wedding is that you can create a variety of dishes. Veggie Kabobs are my favorite! But other things like Sliders, french fries, and stuffed mushrooms are fabulous as well – and easy to handle. Get creative! Have fun!

Gimme a Shot of Cool Please!

Let’s talk about drinks. Some guests live for this part of the celebration, so we must certainly talk about drinks. Seasonal drinks such as apple cider for winter can be a great idea. Spice up your drinks! Make them as jazzy as you want. A touch of class in presentation cannot hurt too and sometimes, these extra measures are so, so cheap. No huge dent in your budget.

Wedding Cakes and Desserts

Simply delightful! Who says that you have to go big or go home? Not true. A smart way to get a cheap or affordable cake is to use a simple and small cake. Perhaps a couple of small, simple cakes would be great too. Who would have known that a stunning cake stand and simply perfect cake topper can transform your cake into a thing of beauty? It’s true. Thanks, Martha Stewart!

Also, since you will be queen for a day (whoohoo!!), you can decide not to go the traditional route or get a traditional wedding cake. Any ole cheap cake of your choice could suffice and look great! Think about using cupcakes too or a table filled with pies and dessert. In the right format and presentation, you can create something unique and truly wonderful.

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Why You Should Try To Go Local With Your Wedding Menu

At your reception, you want a nice selection of foods, without trying to be or compete with the last great wedding out there. Jokes aside, you do want nice food – perhaps healthy, seasonal, local and themed choices that you can be proud of.

Going local is great for a few reasons. First, the food will be fresher. Because it’s fresh, it’ll taste fantastic. Just ask Jamie Oliver, he’ll tell you!

Second, it’s better for the environment.

When it comes to planning a wedding, being 100% is challenging. It’s just not a value embedded into the fabric of the industry yet. With that, eating locally is one of the best things we can do for the environment and it wouldn’t be AS hard finding a caterer who could accommodate


Leave a comment and let me know which one of these ideas has you drooling! And if you have any other good ideas or tips to share please dish!