Ideas for Using Wedding Parasols Creatively for Decor and Pictures… Plus, Where to Find Them for Cheap


Wedding parasols look amazing in pictures and decor. They’re also a really practical accessory if you’re getting married during warm, sunny season.  Another thing I totally love about them is it doesn’t really matter if you’re parasols are pricey or less expensive – they all look great!

In fact, I’d have to say that wedding parasols are one of my favorite trends of the past past two years. And, as a KISS bride (who’s all over keeping it simple) I think it’s a brilliant new trend for you too!

Why? Well, used in moderation, they make for an absolutely stunning but cheap accessory. And, they add unique style with little effort.

First, I want to share some great examples. Then, at the end of the page I’ll tell you were to find the best parasols for the best prices.

The Big Takeaway Ideas from these Pictures

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  • Get a few wedding parasols for you and your maids for use in pictures. Not only does this make for great pictures, it’s also makes picture-taking less awkward if some of you aren’t comfortable in front of cameras.
  • Pick the right texture for your parsasols. Sometimes, a plain smooth texture is best. Other times, a fabric parsol might be better suited to your theme.
  • If your ceremony or reception is taking place in area without a lot of covering, have some parasols available for guests that want protection from the heat of the sun. If you can get your photographer to take a picture from above, it looks amazing!
  • Parasols make for really unique ceremony aisle decor. Pick a color that matches your theme then place them alone either side of your aisle. If your isn’t big enough, you can place them behind your last row.
  • Hang your parasols from above. They can hang from trees, your tent, or your venue’s ceiling. This looks impressive whether you decide to use all one color and style or mix up the colors. It simply depends on the mood you want.
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Cost Info and Saving Tips

Wholesalers who sell parasols usually sell them in minimums of 6 or 12, depending on the style. What I have noticed is that they reduce the minimum order amount for higher cost parasols. When you surpass the minimum order,  the cost will go down $0.25-$5, depending on the style.

On average you’ll pay between $5.00 to $70 for a parasols from a wholesale distributor.

For $5 you will get a simple, but pretty parasol. A $70 parasol will have a unique shape and will also be made of a higher quality eyelet lace. If you want a unique shape or a parasol with a pattern on it, it will cost between $10 to $25.

I’m actually a real fan of the plain designs. For the patterned looks, some of my favorites (which you’ll see below) cost between $10-$15.


Where to Find Stylish & Cheap Wedding Parasols

Now that you’ve seen how cool they can be, you’re probably wondering where to find them? There are a lot of places to find wedding parasols online. One of my favorite online Wedding Parasol providers is Luna Bazaar. They just seem to have a TON of styles at a ton of different price points. And, I’m not alone in loving them. It’s Martha’s recommended supplier as well!

I hope these help!


P.S. If you will be spending  a lot of time in the sun there’s a real tangible and practical reason for the expense. You can also gives these as gifts to your maids..