Simple Wedding Ideas for the Savvy-at-heart

Budget-friendly Ideas for Simple, Classic Wedding Table Centerpieces

There are easily thousands (if not millions) of wedding table centerpiece ideas. This page is meant to help you find the perfect look for your simple, small budget celebration – regardless of whether you’re DIY’ing or working with a designer!

This is my friend Caitilin and the beautiful centerpieces she helped me create

This is my friend Caitilin and the beautiful centerpieces she helped me create

One of the things that surprised me when I was planning my low-budget reception was the cost of centerpieces “for a wedding”. Even though I had purchased centerpieces for my home in the past, all of sudden the price seemed to have doubled. As the saying goes if it’s a for a “wedding” the price is automatically doubled!

I was lucky to have a friend who knows how to do floral design. She helped me design and create my centerpieces for under $20 each! (side note: she grew up in Japan and floral arranging was part of the curriculum).

Since then, I have learned a lot! In addition to learning how to put together centerpieces I’ve also learned that there are a lot of unique designs, design elements and motifs that aren’t as expensive and don’t require as much skill for the DIY’er. And, some styles are easier for the florist too!

What I’m saying is that if you don’t have a talented friend like mine, you can still have a fabulous, affordable centerpiece regardless of whether you’re DIY’ing or not. Below are those ideas and tips. They are my favorites from the weddings I’ve featured on the blog.

A Simple and Versatile Fresh Flower Centerpiece

wedding-tabe-centerpiece-freshflowerWhen most of us think of our centerpieces, we think of lovely fresh flower creations. If you’re on a budget though, this can get pretty expensive.  That’s why I love this particular design. It’s the perfect inspirational design if you’re on a budget. It’s also a DIY’ers dream!

For example, replace the roses with tulips for spring, add a hydrangea for a bulkier design, or change the glass vase with something more rustic. You could even include blue and aqua beach glass at the bottom with white flowers for a beach wedding. Even these few examples give me a whole bunch of other ideas!

Do you have any? Please share!

wedding-tabe-centerpiece-beachA Beach-inspired Centerpiece with Seashsells and Sand

This is also an incredibly versatile wedding table centerpiece idea. It’s also SUPER affordable and a total breeze for a DIY’er.

Some of the interesting modifications you could make to this include: Changing the shape of the vase, adding floating candles, if you opt for a wide base vase you could put a starfish at the bottom, and, you could even include some floating flowers (perhaps an orchid).

wedding-table-centerpiece-pumpkinPumpkin with Holes for a Fall Wedding Centerpiece

I’m not going to lie. I’ve developed a strange obsession with pumpkins for wedding decor in the past couple of years. I just think it’s so clever, cute and affordable. There’s also SO much you can do with them.

In this example, they’ve simply cleaned out the pumpkin, pokes some holes in it, and sat it on top of some silk leaves. You could easily carve out the pumpkin and use the pumpkin as a vase. This does require some work, but it’s also cheaper than buying a vase of this size!

wedding-table-centerpiece-candle A Unique Idea for a Candle Centerpiece

I love this idea because it shows us that creativity can be found in almost in almost anything.

I love this idea for backyard weddings. I also think it would work well at accessory tables like the guest book or favor table.

wedding-table-centerpiece-fruitA Creative Apple Centerpiece

Let’s do the math – bag of apples = approx $5. Ceramic stand = $10.

Coolness factor > priceless!

If you’re DIY’ing a little bit of handy work involving glue guns would be necessary. BUT, it seems like the addition of pretty flowers makes it easy to hide any undesirable glue glumps.

I love the look of the orchids with the green apples. But. I could totally see gerberas on this display as well.

winter-wedding-centerpiece-02A Lovely, Yet Simple Centerpiece for Winter

There are three winter-themed elements used in this winter centerpiece – 1) Pine cones 2) Cranberries and (if you look really close) 3) fake snow. It’s also sitting on top of a mirror so that the pretty snow can’t be missed.

This is another great idea for DIY’ers and is SUPER inspiring. For example, if you were to surround this with candles it would look INCREDIBLE once the lights are dimmed. You could also change the size and shape of the vase, include only some of these elements, let them float in water, and combine a candle. All simple and affordable ideas!

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