Simple Wedding Ideas for the Savvy-at-heart

Simple Wedding Theme Ideas for Small Budget Celebrations

Good wedding theme ideas are those that are unique while also being a good representation of you and your partner. If they’re still easy enough to pull off and make truly beautiful then it’s the perfect KISS wedding idea around!

Cherry blossom cakes

Cherry blossom cakes

Cherry Blossoms for a Spring Wedding Themes

One of the great things about spring weddings is the spectacular variety of flowers available – like the GORGEOUS cherry blossom.

Not only does using a popular flower make things easy, especially if you decide on a floral theme – but it can also reduce the cost of bouquets and flower arrangements.

I am personally drawn to pastel color themes for spring weddings, but brighter-colored themes also work well.

Snowflake wine stopper favor

Snowflake wine stopper favor

A Snowflake Theme for Winter

It may surprise you but there are a ton of gorgeous winter wedding theme ideas to choose from. Think skating, Christmas, snow, skiing, berries, evergreens, frost and sparkles. Anything that can be brought to life with the colors and foliage of the season can be your inspiration.

If you love rich colors and heavier fabrics this is an excellent season to wed, though light colors like ice-blue, silver and white are also appropriate.

Wedding candle centerpiece: Pumpkin with holes in it

From Heather & Lance’s Pumpkin Themed Wedding. More…

Pumpkins for a Fall Wedding Theme

If you’re planning a fall wedding consider yourself lucky. There are a number of great reasons to get married in every season, but there is something about a fall-themed wedding that I find very appealing.

It could be the colors (rich, warm reds, yellows, oranges and purples), or perhaps it’s the idea of “harvest” and bounty that surrounds the season. Either way, it’s a lovely season for a wedding with a host of wonderful themes to choose from.

From Kristen and Brian's wedding at a vineyard. Go see it here.

Kristin and Brian’s Pink and Green Wedding. More…

A Tuscan Theme for Summer

Like the myriad of summer activities, summer wedding theme ideas are also abundant. There are a ton of colors, flowers and even locations that can inspire your theme. Anything from nautical to Mediterranean and BBQ make excellent themes for summer weddings. Not only can brides fulfill their dreams of an outdoor wedding, but it also doubles your location options.

beach glass or pebbles to inspire beach wedding theme

Look to the treasures of the beach for your theme inspiration.

Beach Theme Weddings

When people hear “beach wedding,” specific images come to mind – sandy beaches, bare feet, crisp linen tops, rolled up pants, and gorgeous veils billowing in the wind. There are, however, a multitude of beach wedding theme ideas to choose from.

Whether you choose the colors of the beach, aquatic sea-life, or flowers from your favorite beach, you will have a dreamy wedding you will remember forever.

From Sara and Tony’s Gorgeous Garden-Fantasy Wedding. More…

Garden Theme Weddings

Ahhh, garden weddings! Just thinking about this brings a million different images fluttering through my mind. There are some lovely themes that you can go with if you are getting married in a garden but two of my favorites are “Tea Party” and “Wild Flower” – including the wild and less “perfect”-looking rose.

I’ve always felt that garden weddings should be more relaxed and easy-going – even though a touch of “royal” tradition would be quaint. Based on the idea of a relaxed wedding, go for less-manicured and very natural arrangements of wild flowers. Get more garden wedding ideas.

Color inspired themes

Color inspired themes

Themes Based on Color

Regardless of season and theme, color will almost always play a major role in your wedding theme ideas. Why not make color THE theme – the main attraction so to speak.

Instead of fussing over having the same motif or concept on invites, arrangements and decor, stick to color. It will certainly simplify things for you and make for a very “punchy” theme.

Sunflower theme

Sunflower theme

Sunflower Wedding Theme

The sunflower will always be a flower of magic for me. Not only is the lively yellow wonderful, but I will never forget the magical feeling I had while waiting on the side of a sunflower field in France as my bus was recovering from overheating!

Apart from my personal draw to this flower, it is also a great flower for a couple of simple, practical, reasons: The motif can be found almost anywhere! AND, the brown and yellow color combination works well in a couple of seasons and is also easy to plan around.

Julia and Reed’s Rustic Spring Wedding. See it now...

Julia and Reed’s Rustic Spring Wedding. See it now…

Rustic or Vintage Themes

Both Rustic and Vintage styles are filled with incredible textures, feminine and voluptuous design, and romantic delicacy.

Wedding dress styles vary include lots of lace combined with a simple design.  There are some wonderful vintage dresses that go right up to the neck and often have arms.

For decor, I think that blush pink, apricot or cream roses would be perfect. If you wanted to stay away from flower centerpieces, then a beautiful golden candelabra would provide the perfect focal point.

A white calla lily boutonniere

Calla Lillies

Calla Lily Wedding Theme

My name (Susanna) means “like a Lily.” I’ve always felt so honored that I was somehow connected to this beautiful flower. The gracefulness of the lily makes it seem so delicate even though the flower is actually quite strong and robust by nature. I’ve always been very drawn to this contradiction. Perhaps this is why a lily bouquet was a must-have for my own wedding.

Calla Lily themes can be pure, white and simple – with the deep purple or orange varieties proving the perfect choice for rich and warm fall or winter weddings.

A Christmas Invitation Design

A Christmas Invitation Design

A Christmas Theme for Mid-Late December Weddings

With this wedding theme, there is a multitude of ways in which it can be done. Christmas trees, poinsettias, various colored lights and so on can be used in the ceremony and reception. What a glorious time of the year at which to get married – with the added bonus that all the family will be around for Christmas too! Get more Christmas wedding ideas.

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