Unique Winter Wedding Decorations…That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Looking for winter wedding decorations? If so, consider this page the zone for the latest in inspiration and ideas for reception decor.

This page will explore the motifs of winter and how you can use them and where you can find the supplies that will make your winter decor ideas come to life.

The first place to look for inspiration is nature: Everything from the ground you walk on to the things you wear can add life and unique personally to your decor. Some of favorites include pine cones, evergreen trees and branches, birch branches, and berries. Read on for examples of these, and many more!

Table numbers for winter made with log

Table numbers for winter from Amanda and David’s wedding. Go see it all here.

Table Numbers Made with Logs

This is a really fun, romantic and unique idea for winter table numbers.

While gorgeous, this look probably isn’t feasible if you’re tight on time. It would require some serious DIY action or the help of a pro.

Supplies required to make this would include a good electric sander, some good tools cutting tools, finishing nails, and simple stencil for creating the numbers. I natural varnish would also be a good idea.

If you’re totally loving the wood-appeal of this, there are some great wooden table numbers at Koyal Wholesale.

Clear vase with pine cone and floating candle

Clear vase with pine cone and floating candle from Meg and Greg’s winter wedding. Go see it all here.

Pine Cone and Floating Candle Centerpiece

This is a really easy centerpiece that is super pretty, super affordable, and super easy to DIY. Seriously, even a tween could manage this one!

With that said, it might look a little bit small depending on your venue and table.  If you are willing to add to the simple elegance of this, you could add some cranberries to the vase.

You could also include some fake snow or rose petals beneath it. In terms of the rest of your decor, you could make some homemade pine cone place cards or buy some rustic real wood place card holders. Both would work really well this look!

Some notes about this centerpiece if you decide to DIY:

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  • If you look closely, you’ll see that a tiny weight is keeping the pine cone at the bottom of the vase. Otherwise, it would float to the top.
  • Koyal wholesale sells a similar vase for approx $15/vase. They sell them in bulk.
  • You might be able to find this at Wal-Mart or a dollar store. The dollar store around the corner from my house sells them for $3 each.

Cranberries, hydrangea and evergreen leaves for winter centerpieces. For details on how to make this visit Southern Living.

Cranberry and Hydrangeas for Winter

I love this idea from Southern Living. The unique shape of the vases are totally perfect. And I love the addition of  hydrangea and evergreen leaves.

These are made in large Brandy Snifters. You can probably find them in most home stores in your area.  You can also get them from Amazon for $15-$20 each.

Combined with cut evergreens, cranberries, and Hydrangeas (usually $10 for 2-3) these would cost about $25-$35 each.

Take note of the lovely ribbon on the table. While it really makes these centerpieces look amazing, they’ll add at least $10 (and probably more) to each place setting.

Instead, surround the base of these with evergreen clippings.

The refined elegance of these would suit really simple, pretty place card holders. Check out these ones from Koyal Wholesale. They’re only $6 for 12.

Mini evergreens for winter decor

Mini evergreens for winter decor. Designed by JL Designs.

Mini Evergreens for Your Decod

This particular photo is based on an accessory table somewhere in the venue, not the guest tables.

I love how they’re placed on different levels and have different vases. You can find some similar vases at Luna Bazaar.

If you want a similar look for each of your tables, you could simply place a single potted evergreen in the center of the table.

If you prefer a brighter look, you can use rosemary trees or the brighter evergreens.

Pine cones, red berries and fake snow for a centerpiece

Pine cones, red berries and fake snow for a centerpiece from

Pine Cone Centerpiece

There are three winter-themed elements used in this winter centerpiece – 1) Pine cones 2) Cranberries and (if you look really close) 3) fake snow. It’s also sitting on top of a mirror so that the pretty snow can’t be missed.

This is another great idea for DIY’ers and is SUPER inspiring. For example, if you were to surround this with candles it would look INCREDIBLE once the lights are dimmed.

If you love this look as is, go here to get the perfect bowl. They’re about $20 per bowl and are sold in sets of two.


You could also change the size and shape of the vase, include only some of these elements, let them float in water, and combine a candle. All simple and affordable ideas!

Simple evergreens and a red bow for winter ceremony decor

Simple evergreens and a red bow for winter ceremony decor from Haleigh and Matt’s wedding. Go see it all here.

Evergreens and Ribbon for Your Aisle Decor

If you’re looking for something simple that has a winter-vibe for your aisle decorations, this is a great example.

You can replace the ribbon with any color you want if you aren’t using red as part of your color scheme.

If you want to make these look a little different you could add some red or green berries to them. You can also add other wintery greens like Eucalyptus or Euonymus leaves.

Dried Eucalyptus leaves for winter decor

Dried Eucalyptus leaves for winter decor. A great idea from HGTV

Simple Eucalyptus Centerpiece

If it makes sense to use Eucalyptus in your decor, I totally think you should…if of course you like the scent.

This particular example might bit a little bit too simple for a centerpiece, but, it would look gorgeous at dessert tables, guest book tables and/or favor tables.

If you were to combine these with a hydrangea and/or roses it would however look great as a centerpiece!

Either way, the trick with these is getting a base with a narrow opening. This one here would work really well.

Tree branches and led lights for winter centerpieces

Tree branches and led lights for winter centerpieces from Meg and Greg’s wedding.

Tree Branches and Sparkling Lights

This great idea uses regular tree branches and battery operated LED lights. I totally love the winter wonderland feeling.

You could also buy Birch branches with snow crystals (you can find them Koyal Wholesale for cheap). You can get the sparkly look by surrounding your centerpiece with candles. The benefit to this option is that it would look incredible with lights bright or dimmed.

Christmas bulb centerpiece for winter from

Christmas bulb centerpiece for winter from Haleigh and Matt’s wedding. Go see it all here.

Christmas Bulb Centerpiece

If you’re getting married in December, this is a really simple and fun idea that any DIY’er could re-create.

I like the idea of using different size and color bulbs. I don’t think it would look as good if they were all the same size and color.

If you love this, here’s a similar vase. The unusual shape is key!

Christmas bulb facor and placecard holder

Christmas bulb facor and placecard holder

Christmas Bulb Place Card Holder

If you’re totally into the Christmas theme, then you are going to love this place card.

There are three things that are amazing about this decorative piece. First, it’s beautiful! Second, it’ll save you money if you give it to your guests as their favor. Third, it comes in a TON of different colors so will match almost any color theme.

These cost under $2 each. I would never guess, would you?

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So… are you inspired? Which one is your favorite?


P.S. Another excellent resource for winter decorations is Etsy. And please, make sure you to check out all of the ideas on our Pinterest board.